Need Pull Cord Assembly for Hua Sheng

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    I ordered this from Bike Berry in Ca. Someone named Matt stated that Yes we have I sent a money order for the I received a part that I think is for a 2 stroke Happy time engine.....These people at Bike Berry will accept a return if I pay the freight both ways and with a 50 percent restocking fee.....I even sent a letter with the money order stating exactly what this part was for.....a Hua Sheng 4 stroke engine......My advice is do not buy from these people.....Does anyone know where I can buy this part.....Bicycle-Engines .com state that they don't carry this part....A Honda part will work also.

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    I'm sure I can find one for you if you give me a call I have quite a few bad motors with good starters laying around. part #51 right? the black recoil for the 142F?
  3. dougsr.874

    dougsr.874 Active Member will be a can I call you????????.....yes your part description is correct.....Doug
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    if nothing (800) 514-8435 They will have all you need!
    Jaramey is the best with all this!
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    Try DAX he has them.