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    Although we launched the research & development segment of our new company almost a year ago, we still have more work to do. After a lot of data was collected concerning the problems with attaching a motor to a bicycle, we elected to solve as many of these issues as possible.
    We started our quest by looking into the past and found the vintage Whizzer motor kit was one of the best choices, however it wouldn't work well in today's environment as a motorbike/motored bicycle/moped/motor assisted bicycle because of the 138CC motor. After more research we noticed the majority of the states require the motor to be under 50CC, then the issue of two-stroke verses four-stroke had to be approached.
    We wanted a "bullet proof" solution, and our research favored the four-stroke for several reasons including, reliability, sound, low end torque, maintenance, green issues, and oil & fuel [no mixing fuel], just to mention a few of the deciding factors that have made the four-stroke the more popular choice. Next was motor location, an easy choice, because of looks, center of gravity, safety, and not reducing the ability of transporting additional cargo [racks, saddlebags, baskets, etc].
    Next our research required us to look at the problems connected with transferring the power of motor to the rear wheel. After researching & testing [still testing] several great power plants, we have selected two, one for quality at a great price, or the more expensive motor if additional power is desired.
    Additional research found it necessary to simplify the drive system and make it "bullet proof", and easily adaptable to the end user. We found one size doesn't really fit all, and it became necessary to apply some "American engineering" to develop a system rugged enough to take some abuse, and offers inexpensive choices for change. As an example, EZ Motorbike Company is in the process of applying for patents & trademarks for our new drive system, and because of our new design it will be easy to change the ratios to fit the individual needs [13.3 X 1, 15.23 X 1, 15.65 X 1, 15.99 X 1, 18.28 X 1, 18.66 X 1, 19.09 X 1, and 22.76 X 1], without changing the chain sprockets. Of course if the chain sprockets are added into the equation, the possibilities are almost beyond belief. There are several proto-types in the testing stage and have already logged near 600 miles.
    The remarkable drive system, is silent, smooth, doesn't require messy lubricants, inexpensive to change ratios, but more importantly it works. My original proto-type [proto-type #2] has been ridden by at least 25 different riders, and was unveiled at the show in Lewes, DE, and all were pleased with the power and performance of the 49CC OHV motor. There are several additional proto-types located on the West coast [including proto-type #1] and reports are also100% favorable.
    The new motor kit is getting ready to enter the "beta" testing stage [8 dealers have agreed to help test the new kits prior to release, and may consider adding 2 more]. The new kit will only be offered via an authorized dealer network. Unlike other companies, our corporate offices will not compete against our own dealer network. We contend the future of the motor bike will see its biggest gains from quality, trouble free, kits and supplied by your neighbor, co-worker, family, local businesses, friends, etc. We are currently setting up an accessory line for the dealers and will include a vast assortment of quality items designed for motorized bikes at reasonable prices. Plans include offering upgraded products for many of the current motors, kits, and drive systems produced by other companies. As an example we will supply upgraded parts for the Whizzer, Honda GXH50, and the Hua Sheng 142, just to mention a few.
    When? Very soon! .
    EZ Motorbike Company will soon be accepting new dealers in all US states, Canada, and several additional countries.

    Have fun,
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  2. stude13

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    i say that is good and exciting news. good luck and happy thanksgiving.
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Sounds intriguing especially as you are the one releasing this.......

    how about some pics or is it all still "top secret" at this stage?

    How much is your motor kit going to be selling for?
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  4. Mountainman

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    I wish to keep an eye on this thread

    I wonder if these motor bikes will be available in the near future ?

    I am thinking about MB #2
    and it sounds like -- I like where you are coming from -- above noted -- quality MBs

    ride that thing
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Wouldn't it be great to have a home-grown, quality set-up?

    My hat's off to you, Qeunton, for aiming and pushing in that direction.

    Best of luck.
  6. Quenton Guenther

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    Here is a picture of one of the early proto-type bikes. This is #2 [#1 in on the west coast still testing], and was ridden by many over a 2 day event in Lewes, DE. The picture was supplied by Chris from PA. Bikes/100_1587.jpg

    We are currently working with suppliers to reduce the cost, but our primary goal is to find quality at the best possible price.
    Our first production models are scheduled to use the manual clutch [if you want to call it that], but it works easier than any manual clutch I have ever worked with.
    After seeing a few glitches with current automatic bicycle drive systems on the market, we sought help from the "masters" at Max-Torque, and are looking forward to their assistance in supplying the "ultimate" solution for automatic drives.

    The only kits offered at this time are for dealers that want to "beta" test the product. But after the additional testing is complete we are prepared to start production.

    Hope this information is helpful,
  7. KilroyCD

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    I took a number of photos of prototype #2 at the rally (and rode it as well). Since the drivetrain side is still under development and is to be patented, photos of the left hand side of the bike can't be published, except for this one image that Quenton has allowed me to post previously: Bikes/100_1592special2.jpg
  8. Drivetrain?

    Hi all, Kilroy, if the smiles on that drivetrain are any indication of what may be inside, that is one happy drivetrain!

  9. KilroyCD

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    That's why they're there. It's one smooth drivetrain. :yes:
  10. StillDream'n

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    Sounds very interesting to me. And lots of fun! Looking forward to more information.
    Joe Pierson
    Kerman Ca.
  11. RdKryton

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    I was also one of the lucky ones to ride the prototype. I enjoyed riding it and was very impressed with the power of the 49cc 4 stroke engine. I am also impressed with the gearing possibilities, smoothness of the clutch, and the speeds at which it was able to drag my very large butt around. During the testing in Delaware we came up with an idea on an improvement to the clutch to make the bike easier to pedal with the engine off. These are the kind of thing they want to get right and extensive testing is the only way to do this. I am excited and can not wait to ride one again.

  12. Mountainman

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    a local bicycle shop down the mountain has sold a few Station set ups

    do you have any dealers in mind yet for San Diego, Santee, El Cajon or Lakeside Calif ?

    sounds like it will be a while before one can buy one here ?

    those had fun who got to -- ride that thing
  13. wavygravy

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    great job on looking toward the future of motredbikes!! looks like ill be saveing up for one of these kits to! the frame mount is so cool for us vintage nuts!!
  14. Egor

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    I was hoping for a China Happy bottom end with a 4 stroke top end, but that will have to do. Those Honda clones run like the wind. I have a bunch of the original Honda 50's from the 50's and 60's, they are indestructible. cast iron barrels OHV pushrod engines. I love the sound. I had one as a kid that is what kept me from the Whizzer's back then, they could not compete with the 3 speed and 45 mph. Have fun, Dave
  15. BSA

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    That engine looks good. I hope that tehre will be dealers in the U.K

  16. jbcruisin

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    I was at the rally also & thought the proto-type ran great!! I'm waiting to get one. Here's a pic I took. It's pretty much like the other one Quenton posted. I have better pics but they show the drive train side. That's my bike behind it with all the stuff hanging on it.

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  17. arceeguy

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    Hey guys, how does this new gearbox compare to the Grubee Stage II?
  18. Quenton Guenther

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    It is a drive system, no gears, so it can't be compaired to any current system. Egor want to talk to you about being a dealer and possibly testing one of the beta kits. And Jay you are on the top of the dealers list and will be shipped test kits very soon. I am getting ready to put another kit on the street for testing in NC, and another beta kit is now in testing in CA. We will release the new kits as soon as we are positive it is "bullet proof".

    Have fun,
  19. arceeguy

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    So I'm guessing it is a belt drive system with stepped pulleys to change the ratio. (like a drill press) Sounds like a great system. (quiet too!)
  20. Quenton Guenther

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    Not exactly,

    Have fun,