New DAX 70cc 2 stroke, first ride, first build

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by B.K. Hosken, Aug 8, 2008.

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    Just got back from running around the block on a new Dax 70cc HT engine. I must say, after all the issues I have read on the forums here I was afraid of what I was getting into, but the Dax kit is fantastic. I had several questions while installing it, and Duane (dax) answered each email quickly and helpfully.

    I was also reading on the forums where the first time you start it up, it will probably take halfway around the block to fire up. With Dax's engine I had gone maybe 10 yards before it fired up and was running, first time it was started! I have it mounted on an older 27" Nishiki 12 speed (yes, the skinny tires type) with the shifters on the gooseneck (made it easy to put on the clutch and throttle). So far it's running perfectly, got about 4-5 miles on it and I'm very happy.

  2. cool that sounds awesome!
    Sounds like its going well also
    I run on skinny tyres =P its crazy just don't pull wheelies at 20mph!!! it ended badly lets say .. but hey i'm ok :)
    Mine started up rather quickly also, i always have to use the choke for about 20 seconds

    glad its going well, post some pictures and happy riding! :D