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    Hi to all! I've had my bike since May and then bought the engine. I love riding plus for now its my transpo. I am slowly getting a little better (I think) at working on her. My family supports me but they say I spend to much time in the garage. LOL My brother built her and I kinda helped. I did and still am reading alot. So I really didn't see all he did.

    I'm new to the forum so let me know if I booboo. Ive read alot in here and it has helped. I've had and still have issues with her. My brother doesn't help anymore and I'm trying to figure out for myself. I feel like its easier to work on a car at times. One example that I learned about the NT carb. That tit on the inside of the carb well 7 hours later I got it. So Im saying I'm slow but eager to learn! So can't wait to learn from your posts.

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    Hi Jacqueline,(My mom's name,) Welcome to M.B.c. I think you're gonna get all the help you could possibly need on this site. Most of us try our very best to educate and problem solve. And I don't think enough women are involved with M.B's anyway, So stick around, I think you'll like what you see.
    Big Red.
    P.S. Alway's keep the RUBBER SIDE down.
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    Hi Jacqueline,

    Welcome, welcome.

    What kind of bike and engine drive system do you have? Pics?
  4. Jacqueline

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    Thanks for the welcome guys. Here's some pics in the beginning. I have put her through alot. Trying to learn about her. I have a Panama Jack(wrong frame, I know now.)I bought it for the look. Then I have a 80cc Raw 2009 engine. Which is off the bike as of this morning. My brother tells me I have probably over anaylized her. Which he is probably right. I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed with my MB. I haven't met anyone around here that rides or knows alot about them. When I'm stopped I always get someone ask me if that is a Whizzer. I love my bike and have done many things to her since May. Some good some I'm not sure. Not sure if I posted that right let me know will ya
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    Welcome, Jacqueline Lot's of good people here! Need help, just ask :) Hang around it's a great place to be!
  6. Welcome. I'm also new here, and don't have a motorized bike yet. Well, I do have the bike, I bought a really nice vintage Trek from Craigslist. I just got higher bars and a bigger seat for it. I have decided to go with a rear mounted 4 stroke engine and friction drive. I've already decided on the Honda GX35 engine, still trying to figure out which kit to get. I would go with a BMP, but they seem to be OOB (out of business), so I will most likely go with Staton.
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    Hey Saddletramp, Just a quick question. Where have you been for three years? Since 2008 and only 36 posts. I hope your not spending all your time with that "other" site. (Please S.T, say it ain't so.)
    Anyway Bro, you can tell me to F.O. if ya want, I was just curious.
    Big Red.
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    Oh so the other site is the enemy???? You guys should all pull together.LOL I need help peddled 2 days to work. I had a rattle and lock up on bike to where I couldn't pedal and totally blacked 2 plugs. Oil in Magneto cover. Took off head and jug head gasket fine rings i think fine.
    I don't think I should post here so I need to update and get her running tonight This stuck was 2 weeks ago. I need to update as to where I'm at now. Where should I do that.
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    LOL,they're not the enemy. They're more like cross-town rivals. I play at both sides. Sometimes, I simply copy my post here and paste it there, and vice versa. When someone here can't solve the problem, sometimes the guys on the other side can.

    Both forums have good people.
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    Jacqueline, REALLY? You have to know I was only kidding. I am also a member of that "other" site. I don't post a lot on it, but you can check me out if you want. I go by Fatdaddy on it. In fact I think I may have joined that one first. The ONLY reason I used this site more is that when I joined I had a POS computer that for some reason liked this site better. We are all MotorBiking brothers and sisters no matter what site we're on. (Can't we all just get along?) Perhaps I should have done this :jester: to make my intentions more clear.
    Everyone on this site will joke around a little. Most of the people here know me by now and know that I WILL try to have some fun while sharing our stories and our problems with each other.
    I run a small Motorized business so I am very serious about helping out whenever I can, even on that "other" site. :jester: I hope I have cleared my name with you. I REALLY try to play nice with the other kids.
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    Ok just checkin:cool:cause i am on the other one too! Crazy Grandma and it was when I first got the bike. I didn't read the rules and was posting in the wrong places. Whoops. Hi to all you guys and ladies! I don't think they cared for me.

    So how do I search for MBer's around my area?
  12. Big Red

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    Hey Jacqueline, Try doing a search for Motorized bicycles, shops and M.B. suppliers in your area. The closest one to me is only 20 miles in Santa Cruz. I also sometimes just sit downtown at a coffee shop with one of my bikes. Sooner or later a Motorized will zip by. If they see another M.B. they are likely to stop just to check it out. We are a curious bunch of nuts. If I see a motorized I can't help myself, I GOTTA stop and look.
    Big Red.