New Hampshire MB registration as a Moped



I just got my Motored Bike registered in New Hampshire as a Moped. It's incredibly easy and painless. Heres how it's done.

Required specifications:
No more than 50cc
No more than 30mph on the flats
Headlight viewable from 500 yards in dark
Taillight AND brake light viewable from 500 yards in dark
Must not require you to shift for engine power (variable transmissions ok and clutch ok)
Registration costs $3 per year (yeah, three whole dollars)
No fee for plate.
No inspection, ever! Not even when registration is first issued. (I was very surprised by this myself)

Heres what you need to bring with you to the DMV:
Bike frame serial# (usually underneath near the crank)
Make and manufacturer

No title required, No bill of sale. Just tell them it's a home built from a kit. I was able to register without even a picture of the thing.

I went to the Milford DMV on rte 101. This was a piece of cake, don't hesitate to get your plate and registration so the cops will NEVER bother you.
And please, don't try to f--- the system. This state seems very reasonable about it so we really don't need people making monster bikes capable of pulling 70mph with a 6 speed tranny. Keep it legal or as close to it as possible so your fellow MBers can register trouble free.
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that's cool

thank you for your post~! glad things are good out in your neck of the woods, happy motoring!
What did you say for make and model? Did you just use the make/model of the bicycle itself? Here in Colorado the requirements are basically the same but I don't know how to respond to the make and model question.
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Well I just told them the name of the bicycle, manufacturer and make of engine. They couldn't find it in their system so the registration listed it as a Yamaha.... Perhaps they weren't supposed to do that. But I figure it shouldn't matter. I'm guessing its close to impossible to add a ton of bicycle manufacturers to their database to justify a $3 fee for each one registered.
Cool. I used to live in Milford, back in the early 80's. It's nice to hear that they're so easy on us. How is the state of bike lanes now in NH?
Cool. I used to live in Milford, back in the early 80's. It's nice to hear that they're so easy on us. How is the state of bike lanes now in NH?

Still non-existent for the most part. I saw some bike lanes around southern Nashua but other than that nothing. The main roads seem to have adequate breakdown lanes but the windy roads still have the white line about a tires width away from the edge of the pavement.
It's still nice to ride up here with the scenery and all the curves and hillside roads and such. I have to say I almost prefer having the moped plate on there because now that I'm considered a motor vehicle I ride right in the center of my lane until I have a car coming up on me. At which point I pull to the right side of the road and they pass giving me plenty of space. I think my full lighting system makes people respect me as a motor vehicle a lot too. They're much slower to pass and give me much more space.
I'm in Concord, NH and I do not want motorized bikes to be considered mopeds. Anything that require a plate also require a drivers license. Which I'm going be without for a little while longer. I work in Bow and live in the Heights ( for the 2 of you that may know those locations ) its 6mi away no big deal to ride without a motor. But we are looking to buy a house within a 20 mi radius. In which case I will have to have a motorized bike in order to get to work. Motorized bikes that can't go over 20mph on a flat do not need a plate. My fear is that the cops start seeing motorized bikes with plates and start thinking I have to have one, which I don't and I get hassled. Then I wont be able to get a house and have to continue to flush nearly 1000 bucks a month in rent down the toilet.
So what are you guys motivation for for putting a moped an your motorized bikes? Weekend joy rides?
If someone can build a machine that goes 70, more power to them. If they suceed it would have to be registered as a motorcycle.
I've searched through NH laws for the three years I've been riding and saw absolutely no mention of a "motorized bicycle." Sure, I rode around my neck of the woods without any problems for years however that doesn't mean they're legal in the eyes of some rookie cop. The closest thing I could find on the law books was Moped, which is very easy to register, and a "motor-driven cycle" which is defined as a motorcycle with a motor under 5hp OR a bicycle with an engine attached.
I got mine registered because it was painless and cheap. I want to be able to ride it anywhere without having to worry about the fuzz.
If you had your license yanked theres probably a reason and I'm sure adding operating an unregistered motor vehicle after suspension isn't going to help your situation.
Check out if you don't believe me, it's right there in black and white. Call up the DMV or state police and ask them, I'd be overjoyed to hear these don't need registration in our state because my little bro could start riding one. But with the way our govt at all levels farks people constantly, I'm not taking my chances.
... But we are looking to buy a house within a 20 mi radius. In which case I will have to have a motorized bike in order to get to work. Motorized bikes that can't go over 20mph on a flat do not need a plate...
It's pretty hard to imagine a motorized bike that *won't* do 20mph. I think 25-30mph is a much more practical speed for our type of 'mopeds'.
I just reread my post, it looks like it was pretty upset. I'm sorry for the tone. You have to understand I've been dealing with this since you was in Jr. High. Also I just rode everyday though one of the worst winters in NH history.
Before I lived in a place that had public transportation.
I think when I did my initial research what I found was aparently too general. Well it looks like I have decision to make, Either continue to waste money on rent or get a stealthy electric motor.
I just had to reboot because my keyboard stopped working. So I had a little time to think. In all likelyhood I'll be getting my license back in 3-4 months just about the time we will be ready to buy a house. But still wont have the $$ for a car so I'm still getting a power assisted bike. 1st get that stealthy electric motor then add the 2 stroke. It wont do 70 but i bet it will be pretty quick! and a "motorcycle" LOL

I can think of 3 ways to reduce a motors top speed.
1- get a 70T rear spocket
2- get or make a restrictive exhaust. like welding 2 mufflers end to end.
3- make a restrictor plate for the carb
i like option 1 the best because you dont lose any power just speed that is used for torque for some amazing hill climbing ability.