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    Hello everyone. I just put a grubbe starfire 48cc on a commuter bike, I'm disabled and the bike should help a lot. is there any tips anyone can give me. This is my first motorized bike (had a harley but never learned to ride it, didn't want to drop a 20k bike, ended up selling it for 8k without ever riding it) I'm 42 and I'm trying to give the people who run me around a brake.

    Thanks Robert "dutch" Schoultz
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  2. professor

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    Hi Dutch. Welcome to Motoredbikes! Best tip I can give is to spend time here, have a good helmet on, look safe and be safe.
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    Hi Dutch

    Best tip I can give you is.............. Drum roll please >>>>>>>>>>>


    These things shake rattle and roll .............You don't want something to fall off !!