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  1. nimblebee

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    I got into motorized bicycles because my doctor insisted I get more exercise: problematic as plantar fasciitis makes for painful feet when walking any distance (I don't have a swimming pool).

    My solution was to ride bicycle, but when my feet give out I need a way home and what was the best solution?

    A motorized bicycle build! also helps for the fact my car is going back in the shop for more extensive repairs and I need an alternative way to work. :)

  2. wheelbender6

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    Gas powered bicycles normally need to be pedaled up to 10 mph or so before the engine takes over, so it still provides some exercise.
    -24v electric bicycles are designed for pedal assist. You still pedal but it is easier. 24v electric assist may be the best choice for you.
  3. nimblebee

    nimblebee New Member

    Last run I made with my 80 cc kit built motorized bicycle was about 16 miles... only about 5 miles was actually walking/pedaling ...when my feet gave out it was all motor from there on home. :)

    Overdid it at bit was ibuprofen and a hot soak in Epsom salts for footies. :'(

    Once you get going you don't want to stop these motorized bicycles can be addictive! :-D
  4. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Welcome to the forum Bee.
    Just FYI you have a 66cc engine, no such thing as an 80.

    I can relate to foot issues, they really suck.
  5. nimblebee

    nimblebee New Member

    Footie problems aren't much fun... I'm on my feet all day... change shoes having inserts for support halfway through the day... and ride motorized bike home for exercise...

    Well, this might not have been exactly what the doctor had in mind when he told me I needed to get more exercise, diet; stretching, when I build a motorized bicycle kit.

    Got to wondering what the good doctor would have thought if he knew I purchased a bicycle for exercise and then put a motor on it? :-D

    There is method to the madness and the rationale and reasoning for reaching this point: With plantar fasciitis, walking miles as a means of exercise isn't happening and I have no swimming pool available (swimming's good exercise) and no gyms around here, soooo ... what's left? Bicycle riding!

    Only thing is when I've gone as far as I can and my legs and my feet give out I still have to get home; that is when it is all motor! :)

    80 cc? 66 cc? she pulls me plenty fast and even more when I put on the shifter kit...imho getting home is where its at... :)

    Next thing I gotta do is read the directions & learn to post a picture of my build in the appropriate forum. Still a work in progress: front cargo rack coming via post; want to incorporate a quick detachable folding basket in front ... that ought to be enough...plenty of things I can do and enjoy with that ... like geocaching, fishing and fun! :-D
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  6. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Hehe, that made me smile ;-}

    There is no such thing as an actual 80cc.
    cc = bore*stroke, the 80cc is Chinese fuzzy math trying to count the head cavity or entire cylinder length as part of displacement to make the engines sound bigger.

    "even more when I put on the shifter kit"
    Can you elaborate?
    There are downsides to a jackshaft shift kit on a 2-stroke if you have any leg issues including feet.

    Taking and posting good pics is an art form in itself.
    One tip is find a consistent neutral background, my finished bike 'photo wall' is just outside my shop door.
    It has been used for last 80 or so builds and I find myself noticing the subtle changes in it over the years, but still consistent.

    Posting them requires you upload them and you can upload them here, but it doesn't matter where on the internet they are so long as they can be addressed in a browser directly.

    To heck with folding, these removable hand baskets are cool, my local bike shop carries them for like ~$35.
    I put them on the last 2 electric builds I did, and also one on this Cadillac.

    Note this pic was taken when I tried making a fancy photo wall with a discarded mirrored closet door as a floor...
    On carpet...
    The thin mirrored glass only lasted for pics of this bike hehe ;-}


    The baskets really are handy though.
    Just pull up the handle and the hand basket lifts right out of the bike holder to carry right in the store and shop, check out, then just drop the basket back on the mount and swing the handle down to lock it back to the bike.
    Note, keep a bread tie handy to secure the handle, it can bounce up and release the basket.

    Nice to meet ya Bee, and take it easy on your feet ;-}
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  7. nimblebee

    nimblebee New Member

    Shifter kit is from sick bike parts and is their standard kit. Have delayed putting it on the motorized bike for several reasons to do with needing an adapter and meeting Kansas's legal definitions of a motorized bicycle vs motorcycle and the additional steps necessary to go through the registration process with inspections excetera.
  8. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    The SBP standard shift kit is only suitable for un-modded 48cc engines, you want the HD hit for a 66cc.
    The only difference is the freewheel bearing, the 'regular' kit one won't hold up.
    If you already have the kit SBP should let you mail just the bearing back so you can swap it for the HD bearing.
  9. nimblebee

    nimblebee New Member

    You are correct concerning HD bearing. Have spoken to SBP about it: their literature clearly states heavy duty bearing required for my size engine: I ordered the wrong kit. I plan to use a workaround found on a biking forum where a member applied a thick foam padding reduced vibration and had less wear and tear on his shift kit. I will go easy and gently and see how long my standard bearing holds up, which incidentally, provides time to save up the $50 + for the HD bearing upgrade and experiment with the foam shock absorbing qualities.
  10. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Thick foam padding to reduce vibration?
    You tune and balance an engine to reduce vibration, putting something between the bike and engine just lets the engine vibrate more.
  11. ckenny

    ckenny New Member

    a new member with no computer skills HELP

    I put a cns carb on a 212 cc predator motor. I cant get it start