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    hey everyone!! i have just purchased my first engine (a flying horse "80cc") and have enjoyed installing and having my first few rides go pretty well... not exactly smoothly but not horribly bad! so far my setup is stock, and have been looking at some expansion chambers, and had a few questions! and another thing the final project that i'll be moving the engine to will be very interesting seeing as it's a decent full suspension freeride rig! pictures of the bike and the "bike to be" will follow as soon as i find the links and such! tell me what you think!!!

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    okay, not exactly sure how to have the image pop up but here, i have links!

    the current bike:

    and it is working better with higher grade mounting studs and bolts wanting to throw a mikuni 19mm carb on there soon!

    and the final rig; (after i get a jackshaft kit from SBP)

    now, i was wondering if i made my own flange, would a FMF pipe for a KTM 2 stroke 65cc bike work with these engines well? or should i just get a SBP pipe?

    and i was wondering to anybody that may own the shift kit, i ride HARD (see bike two) and want to know if the bottom bracket will be strong enough for jumps and drops?

    if not can ANYBODY pleeese let me know about any other ratcheting crank arms that may be stronger,

    and i know square taper is not gonna be that strong...

    i will have pictures of how i'm gonna clamp the engine down soon!,

    *edit* and for a gas tank i'm gonna run a seat post clamping "news paper rack" with some kinda tank going on lol
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