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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by richardk, Oct 19, 2010.

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    Hello all, thanks to MBC for the opertunity for us motor bike riders to get together and exchange information on this hobby. Also I am looking at putting together a great motor bike and would be greatful for any info on who makes the best engine out there. I've seen theres several being sold from 50cc to 88cc and then theres this jeg bracket, for a bike with gears????( I think thats what it is called) Any and all your help will be usefull and appreciated! Thanks 2 all exspecially you Tom.

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    checkout the vendors with the ads down the side of the page <---
    read posts (esp. those that are sticky)
    for info on running the engine with gears (through a jackshaft) check out sickbikeparts you will find all the info you need,.. read,... ask,..
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    Welcome to the forum. Check you state laws. There is usually a displacement limit.
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    Thanks for the info you provided me and straightening me out on the jackshaft. I think I found everything I need except a tank and a frame, from a fellow on here. Again thank you. Richard
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    By the way does anyone have a frame I can put a 66 on that will handle someone thaqts 6'4 325? Thanks, Richard