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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Old Tymer, May 15, 2010.

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    Hello fellow bikers! I am new here. I was riding a 1946 Knuckle, now because of a degenerative nerve disorder I can no longer handle heavy machinery. Being new here everything seems so wonderful! I am sure just reading will satisfy my curiosity.
    What I want to build (cheaper the better) is a bike more "antique" looking. Is it harder to find old paperboy bikes? The old ones seem to be few and far between. (Or have you all bought them up?) Anyway-thanks for having me and clear roads ahead.:ack2:

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    Welcome to the forum. You can add a glaze to the modern cruisers from Walmart that will make them look more antique (similar to "antiqueing" furniture). That may be your best bet. Vintage frames can be brittle from corrosion and fail due to the vibration from a gas motor. Finish off your "antiqued" modern beach cruiser with a springer fork to complete the package.
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    Welcome Old Tymer! Having some physical limitations myself I can appreciate your position. Motorbiking has been a great hobby for me for a few months now, highly educational and I've made a lot of new friends here.
    As for the old paper boy bikes, I come across them on Craigs list now and then. Here's a link to one I found last night and am going to see this morning. Yesterday I saw a 50's Hiawatha Seminole for $20. It was missing the chain guard and front fender but looked solid. Here's a link for the bike.
    Hope you find just the right bike for you.
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    Actually, I got the two bikes mixed up, the bike I saw for 20 bucks was not the bike in this link. What can I say, it's early on Monday morning!