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  1. Thatperson

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    Well, I got bored the other day and tore my bike apart and did a little paint job. It started when my fenders came off due to my little incident, while working to get them off I remembered I had a mountain bike in the shed with a front suspension fork. So I mounted it up and liked it, but the colors didn't match, so out with the spray bombs. The colors are satin white and satin burgundy. I still have to paint the tank and chain cover, plus put the pinstripes on. Let me know what you guys think. First shot is before, second is after. Sorry for the poor pics, I took them with my camera phone.

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  2. azbill

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    nice job :)
  3. Stink Bike

    Stink Bike Member

    A good paint job makes all the difference.
  4. Junster

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    I want a suspension fork.. Whaaa. Looking good dude.
  5. bbb

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    With that new paint job you can't even see the motor :)
  6. KeyWest

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    I like the new piant, will you be running fenders again? I would like to try fenders on mine to make my bike look complete but I see here that most bikes don't run them because they can come apart and make you have to many close calls that would be bad.
  7. angrysamoan

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    Shoot! Nice work, looks great! I've been paintin my harleys for 13 years now, and now of course paintin my Motorbikes- from the looks of your job, it looks great! Paintin your own stuff gives you a better appreciation for your vehicle. Coincidently, I painted a target schwin cruiser, looks just like your set up. I'll post today. Again, good work.:jester:
  8. Thatperson

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    It's painted in camo. I think I did a really good job! :grin5:
  9. SirJakesus

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    Nice color combo. Don't forget the clear coat!
  10. s_beaudry

    s_beaudry Member

    Very nice work on your part with the spray bombs!

    Looks brand new...