New to Motor Bikes!! Love Em Already!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by twitch0601, Nov 18, 2011.

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    So I'm new to Motor Bikes and well I don't know a whole lot yet I will very quickly. Looking to build my first simple bike with a Grubee skyhawk kit. And then if all goes well I would like to build my own tank and do some custom work on it. Then I want to build a board track racer bike with a bigger motor and see how that goes. These things are awesome. Too many ideas! I'm thinking about turning my lazy boy chair into a go cart. Haha. Anyways I have one question. I saw this video on YouTube and the guys rear rim has a big hub on the back with sprocket mounted to it. Where do I find rims like that? Here's the vid link

    Thanks and I'll be on here slot more I'm sure one I get started.

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    Hi Twitch, Welcome to M.B.c.
    That is a pretty awesome bike. I think I would just build my own wheel using a clamshell type adapter. Check them out, The're a lot better than the standard rag joint mount. Look up The old SGT. on this site. He sells one thats bullet proof.
    Big Red.