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    My name is Mike, quite obviously. I love bikes. I used to ride BMX all the time at the skate parks, dirt jumps, and riding street. Long story short, I had to sell the bike at one point and never got back into it. Since then I lost my drivers license and rode a full suspension 21 speed mountain bike. I think it was a Specialized brand, I'm not sure but it was nice to get around on. It was good exercise, fun, and a heck of a lot faster than walking.

    I plan to build 2 bicycles at first. One for me and one for my girl. We are moving to a state who's laws allow us to ride up to 50 cc without a drivers license. So we're going to sell the car, we should get about $1500 for it, and build 2 bikes :).

    I'm well aware of the differences between hard tail and full suspension under peddle power. ICE power... not so much. I've been reading on here for a few weeks and it seems do-able though a little complicated with extra chain tensioners and such. A Standard Mt. bike has a chain tensioner and I used to knock the chain off the bike all the time jumping dirt rams and racing friends through the woods. It seems odd that you could incorporate one of those little things and have no problems with the chain falling off, though it would be easy to put back on.

    Also I LOVE the fact that some of you actually have hydrogen generators on your bikes. Kudos to you. I've been inspired to attempt a 100% water bike project after I build our necessary transportation bikes.


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    Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you were sharp enough to check state laws before purchasing.