New To Motorized Biking!

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  1. alarmguy111

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    I am new to this hobby, but am looking forward to getting started on my first build. I am interested in learning all I can about tuning these small engines, because I want to make mine a daily driver, and I need to be able to hit 50 - 60 mies an hour with gearing. If anyone has some ideas, please let me know.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hello and welcome to MBc.
    I hope you enjoy reading the store of info contained here and consider your choices wisely.
    I would also hope that your research would have you thinking clearly, if you are serious, about hitting 50-60 mph on a motorized bicycle and perhaps consider why a small motorcycle, for example, might be a far better choice for those speeds.
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  3. alarmguy111

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    Hi Happy Valley!

    I intend on using wider tires than a standard bicycle. I am considering the idea of a more chopper looking frame. Lower center of gravity, with wider tires, disc brakes, and shocks front and back should provide for a more stable ride.

    My goal is just to keep up with traffic on daily commutes.

  4. sawdust

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    at speed

    Just my 50 to 60mph you're going way faster than the bike was designed and will safely operate at. A small motorcycle designed to operate at that speed is a safer thing to do. The wheel bearings for one thing will not take stress and heat of the speed and will overheat and lock up..not good at speed..the vibrations from the speed will stress the frame and it will crack and break..speaking of brakes get the idea of were I'm going with this..just my thoughts
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    If you thank you will be riding a bicycle on a street that you are going 50-60 PMH you will find that is against the law in most states, I don't know of a state that will allow a bicycle,and or a moped on a street that the speeds are over 30-40 MPH, regardless of how fast they will go.
    When you get to those speeds you have to have front and rear lights. break lights turn signals in the front and back and so on you even have to have a license, would cost more then a motorcycle would cost.
  6. DoIt AllPauls

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    All I would say is you got to be crazy, 50-60 hi way on a bicycle, on a public street, no way
    Any MB that would go that fast you wold have to have a motorcycle license to ride
    In most states any MB over 49CC you have to have a motorcycle license
    (some any MB you have to have a motorcycle license)

    Although you can use a MB for transportation, there more for in town use not highway speeds.
    Do yourself s favor just get a motorcycle, if your like my friend and fellow MBer Sam whom has seizures and you can not get a license then you will need to find a way around on streets under 40 MPH not over 40MPH
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  8. Fabian

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    The only thing you are going to be hitting at 60 mph on a motorised bicycle is solid immovable objects and the hospital emergency ward.
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    ... Deleted my comments ... -MikeJ
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    Look at the date of the original post. Someday I will learn (again).......
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    Valid comments still stand, regardless of the date of original posting