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  1. gphil

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    Happy to have found this page for I am very interested in building a motorized bike. I have been surfing the web just looking at all the engines and products you can buy and ran across the transmission , shifter, article which led to here. I have build two bikes from scratch but due to hills , age , need some help. I have a homemade trike that I want to put a engine on but need to study more. Otherwise tons of bike parts all cut up etc and several that can still be ridden. So high, Iam from Ga and good to meet you fellas and hope to get talking. One more thing, like electrics too but good grief they are expensive so shifting over to something I know a little about. Once more thanks and will be talking. gphil:cool2:

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    Welcome to the forum. The electric bikes are still pedaler's machines unless you are willing to spend a lot.
  3. graucho

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    Welcome gphil. Good to see an AZ friend here to share your trike building knowledge. This crowd is some of the best motored biking, small engine guys around. Enjoy.
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    Welcome to the group, if you like electric power, have a look at my mates bike. This is definitely not for the faint hearted :D, it will do roll on wheel stands at 70kph with just a small twist of the wrist :devilish:.

    Cheers BJ

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