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Apr 17, 2008
Not a hit and run. I want to really get into this.

Right now I'm finishing up a from scratch full suspensioned 2 seater buggy but I'm sick of gas engines, the mark they leave, and the maintenance and not to mention... gas prices. Charging I can manage as I have solar panels and experience.

What I'm looking to do is throw a big 50 amp hour 12v battery on a bike with electric motor and controller. Problem is, I don't have the experience to know the correct products to buy. After second thought maybe even 50 amp hours is too much...

Can someone throw in some links or product names to get me started?

I want to work off 12v deep cycle for sure, as they are cheap and easy to get.
I did some research. I probably should have done that before posting. I saw some of the kits. The prices were absolutely mad for them, especially the batteries. I want to get an electric motor and put a sprocket on it, or find a motor that has a sprocket already fitted. I'm not sure where to look though, and not sure how I would go about attaching if I did find a good motor without a sprocket. Any references to forum posts (can't find any) where someone put one together without a kit, opinions, etc would be nice.
Ok, so I looked harder and found this.

600w motor with sprocket

It is 36 volt so I assume I can just wire in 3 4AH 12v alarm system SLA batteries and put in a switch and I'm good to go? What is your opinion?
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Hi my friend, sorry to say your not going to get much help unless you go through the post an introduction section. Its the first rule of joining. This site is all about organization since there is around 6000 posts with info. This is not personal, everyone has to go through it out of courtesy, and we all can get to know a little bit about you. Were here for ya! If you copy and paste you first post and add a little more about your self that would be perfect. Thanks.
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Looks like it would work. I would be a bit concerned about range but I'm in no way an expert at the electric game. There's a dude here salvaging an old mobility power chair for his parts. Lemmy find that link...Can't find it.

But here's someone essentially trying to do the same thing!
You should get better range than he will seeing his motor needs more juice.