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Hey all,
My name is Rich and I am located in Greeley, Colorado. I've owned many gas scooters and mopeds in the past, but have always wanted to build my own motorized bike. Although I've been considering the project for a few years, I have never wanted to spend the money to do it. I finally decided that I couldn't afford not to build one with the way gas prices are headed.
The bike is a Huffy SantaFe cruiser. It's just a cheap discount store rig, but it looks great and parts are easily and cheaply ordered through K-Mart.
The engine is an 80cc 2-stroke kit from King's Motorbikes. I chose King's because I know that they have been around for a few years and stock any replacement parts that I might need in the future. They also have a real store in the US so I can actually call and talk to someone if I need to. You don't get that from one of those "fly-by-night" Chinese importers on ebay.
Anyway, all I have left to do is cut the chain to length and my motorbike will be on the road.
I look forward to meeting everyone and swapping useful info about our fascinating hobby!


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Sep 30, 2006
GREELEY- I remember that name from last year's Denver excursion. When I mapped my route from Kansas I was going to go via Greeley, plus if I had time to visit Wyoming I was going to pass thru.

So, I missed your town TWICE last year. You are in the 4,500 feet elevation, right? Like to know how you enhance the fuel to overcome that issue.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!
Yep, the official elevation is 4,664 feet above sea level. Actually though, the elevation here on the plains doesn't seem to effect scooter/moped/bike engines too badly. I typically lean them out by installing an open air intake and removing a baffle from stock muffler. At this elevation the engines are running just rich enough in stock form that they are usually dead-on after I open them up(saves me from having to up-jet for performance mods!).
It's a whole different story when you start driving west though. You can literally feel your engine losing performance for every mile you drive towards the mountains. By the time you get about 50 miles west of Greeley into the foothills, you are definately going to have a hard time if your engine is running even a little rich!

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Welcome Fid!
I am in Colorado too. Down in Parker. It looks like there are 5 or 6 of us on MBc in CO now. I am thinking to getting a ride together sometime this summer.... Maybe from Coors brewery up Lariat Trail to Buffalo Bills Grave and back down. That would be a fun one.