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  1. sidewindr

    sidewindr New Member

    New guy here from SoCal.
    Second day on this forum, looking forward to my first build, have lots to learn.

    My plan:
    Engine 2 stroke. Either 50cc or 66cc. not sure which one to get...?
    Bike: i have a few bikes, but i don't think it will fit. So i will be looking for a used bike or cheap donor bike. For my first build and to keep it simple, should i be looking for a cruiser bike (coaster brake?) or a mountain bike?

    Any comments or recommendations are welcome.

    Thanks in advance

  2. The_Aleman

    The_Aleman Active Member

    Welcome to the forum!

    I think standard MTB make perfect platforms for the 48/66 2-strokes. Their frames are usually close to perfect geometry for easy mounting.

    Plus few bikes are as mean on the street as a street-tired MTB. Compact, light, lots of agility. Old steel MTBs are ideal for this.
  3. stewyou

    stewyou New Member

    Hi Newbie!

    I'm also working on my first build. I've been doing research about MB's for a couple of months now and I'm hooked! I was advised by a legend in MBs (who shall remain nameless) to use a vintage Schwinn (26") frame from the 1960's era. You can find them on Ebay. I found mine for less than $100. If you start reading about these frames you will see that they are rock solid.

    I've decided to go with a 4 stroke, leaning towards the 49cc Honda GXH with a Qmatic drive at this time. I only have a frame right now, so I'll be working on the paint job, taking my time and enjoying the experience.

    I also want to run a tuned exhaust and hi performance air filter to help the engine breathe, without taking away any reliability.

    One last thing...does anyone know where I can get a tuned exhaust for a Honda GXH?

    Take care, Mike
  4. The_Aleman

    The_Aleman Active Member

    I'd take with a huge grain of salt anyone claiming to be a "legend" in this and anyone calling another a "legend".

    There are some things about an early Schwinn frame (or any clone of one) that make it a poor choice for this thing we do:

    1) Coaster brakes. None of those early Schwinn frames have provisions for anything but coaster brakes. This can be changed, but pretty much has to be.

    2) Dropouts: semi-horizontal front-exit dropouts can make it difficult to keep the wheel straight. The dropouts aren't really that strong, either.

    3) 1" head tubes. These head tubes make it difficult to use higher-end forks. You're pretty much stuck with generic forks or over-priced, over-weight reproductions.
  5. sidewindr

    sidewindr New Member

    Thanks for the inputs.
    I think my first build should be something simple like a 2 stroke on a generic frame to learn the ropes.
    After that i will get into the 4 strokes and restomod builds. And somewhere down the road i'll have to start racing. ;)
  6. sidewindr

    sidewindr New Member

    First build update: just collecting parts.
    Bike: Bought a used 3G Cruiser off of Craigslist, since none of my current bikes frame can accommodate an engine.
    Engine kit: Purchased a 80cc Wildcat engine kit from, took close to a week for fedex to ship from Norcal to Socal. No parts list. quickly noticed the throttle handle/kill switch and clutch grip is missing. not sure what else is missing.
    Day 1 (6/9): sent him an email, no reply.
    Day 2 (6/10): sent him another email to both email account with a picture of everything that i received box, no reply.

    I can understand people can get busy, but communication is key and i hopefully we can resolve this soon.
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    You forgot to mention that you had to assemble the motor
    and of course it's only a 66cc, not an 80
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  8. sidewindr

    sidewindr New Member

    yup.... :( lessons learned.
  9. sidewindr

    sidewindr New Member

    update on post sale communication with

    Day 1 (6/9): sent him an email, no reply.
    Day 2 (6/10): sent him another email to both email account with a picture of everything that i received box, no reply.
    Day 3 (6/11): Another email sent, no reply. Called and left a message.
    Day 4 (6/12): Called and left a message, expressed intent to return order for refund.
    Day 5 (6/13): Received an one liner email acknowledging missing parts and will be shipped out today.
  10. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    The Honda/Q combo is nice but the most expensive and without the benefit the HS 142F-1G/4G better clutch and transfer system for a couple hundred less.
  11. hektic31r

    hektic31r New Member

    Hey, do you know if your bike is street legal in CA? From what i have been reading, pretty much most 2 strokes dont meet the air resource board requirments.
  12. sidewindr

    sidewindr New Member

    i don't know.. its a gray area... is it a motorized bicycle? or a bike with motor on it? or a moped?
    but either way 2 weeks ago i used the DMV link from, sent it in along with my check... and guess what? i just got my plate and registration in the mail yesterday... it doesn't need sticker or renewal. kinda cool.
  13. hektic31r

    hektic31r New Member

    Its my understanding that anything under 4 horse power, with an automatic transmisson and unable to exceed 30mph is a motorized bicycle, requiring a one time fee that comes with a plate, no license required. Break any of those 3 requirements and you are now riding a moped and must have an M2 license and the vehicle must be registered.
  14. hektic31r

    hektic31r New Member

    I know here in CA though most 2 strokes arnt street legal because of emissions.
  15. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    So I rub my neck...
    and I write 'em a check...
    and they go their merry way.
    (Billy Joel)