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    Well after reading posts on this forum for well over a year I have made the decision to go with Helmutt cycles for my first motorized bike. I'm a big fan of Electra bikes. They just make a high quality bike that fits me perfectly. I hate 2 strokes, rode them as a kid until the big 4 stroke motorcycles came out. So with that, I was after the best 4 stroke kit out there with the best drive train. That combo isn't cheap!! The bike was going to be around $2000.00 when complete and I had to build it. That being said I'm glad I talked with Quentin about motors. He referred me to Richard at Helmutt cycles and then I saw the bike of my dreams. Reliability with the look of an nostalgia. Then I saw the price, ouch!!!! I then researched it and thought I can get the frame kit and a old whizzer and do the frame conversion myself. Well the math didn't add up to my liking, so I called Richard and asked where to send the money. I own and manufacture high quality carbon fiber composites. The build will be called the "Carbon Cafe" There will be a mirage of carbon fiber on the bike. I will post pics as well as Richard when the bike gets further along.

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    Carbon Fiber ... Could you make toolboxes ? Seems to me, the M B field may offer some new uses for Carbon Fiber. I'm picturing sleek add on's that combine function with form, light weight and toughness all in an attractive tomorrow aged material, good luck !