Newbie here wants to motorize stingray chopper

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am new to this forum but found it to be quite awesome.
    I am a Indian high school student from Mumbai.I would like to turn my stingray chopper styled bicycle into a motorized one due to my long commutes to school about 10 km one way.I am a complete newbie to motorized bikes and stuff but am a science student ;)
    I am unsure whether electric motor or a gas powered motor should be used :oops:
    Petrol is pretty expensive in India, about $ 1.37 per liter :(
    Please tell me how much would it cost me and will all the items required be available to me in India? :)
    Also, I am not interested in ready made kits and am into DIY :grin5:
    I don't much time only 2 weeks until my school reopens :icon_cry:
    please check out my thread and help me to make a great motorized chopper ;)
    thanks in advance,
    Murtuza Abbas :)

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    well if it was me I would go with a gas you could go electric but unless you want to spend $500+ on a good battery you would have to charge it at school and the electric kits are far more .
    You can go with a 2 strike kit for around $130.00- $150.00 USD, but if you want reliability, I would go with a 4 stroke kit they cost more around $350U SD but are far more dependable.
    Now if you have the cash go American made the kits cost far more but are such a better kit 2 or 4 strokes and far more reliable
    Before you do anything check with your local laws to make sure M's are allowed.
    If you need any more help PM Me and or email me

    What ever you do go to the vendor review area and check out dealers so you know good from bad ones