Hello, I'm new to this forum and the reason I joined is because I just bought a 2007 Whizzer motorbike. I had one when I was a kid in the 1950's and when I found out they started making them again in 1995, I just had to go back in time. I just turned over 100 miles so I need to get the break-in oil out and replace it. The manual calls for SG SAE 40W but the closest I could find was SG SAE 10W 40. I hope that is close enough. I'm retired and I have a 10 pound pet dog named Casey. When I ordered the bike, I ordered a luggage rack for it so I could mount a milk crate on the rack for Casey to ride in. She loves it and has ridden all the 100 miles with me. Any Whizzer owners live close to me in Beavercreek, Ohio? tomdavid55