Nice quality bar end mirrors at the right price

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by darwin, Jan 7, 2014.

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    These are the ones that I've been buying & putting on all my bikes.
    I dont use the inserts & rather just clamp them on the end of the handlebars.
    These are awesome mirrors, but the clamp can crack if overtorqued.
    Also don't drop the bike on the mirror side, that cracks both the glass and the clamp.
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    Thanks for the web link.
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    When I install them, I remove & throw away the expansion plug pieces that goe into the end of the handlebar and the black circular aluminum piece being clamped by the two bolts cinch bolts (I save those as spacers for other uses) . I clamp the mirror mount directly onto the last half inch of handlebar.
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    So if I read what you are saying correctly; if I remove the expanding bar end insert as well as the two black half-circular bits- these will clamp securely onto a 7/8" handlebar without need for shimming?
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    Not exactly, The 2 black half-circular bits are what will clamp onto the last inch of your handlebar. You are discarding the circular donut, expansion pieces and bolt. Dont overtorque the clamp bolts or the clamp will break.