No easy solution Staton kits?



Ok now I'm confused about staton chain drives, I'm wary of the roller system.

It seems on the Staton site if you order a chain drive it is either outside or inside drive but....

  • one requires you to lace a wheel with a "dish" in it to accommadate the sprocket.

  • The other requires that you fabricate at least some of your won brackets?

Is there no quick bolt on solution (besides friction) from Staton? I would call him but he didn't seem very happy to answer questions the first time.

Am I right or wrong? Am I missing something? I need to order something today

Thanks for your help....


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12:11 AM
Mar 28, 2008
The EZ staton is to order the outside drive kit and order it with the rim laced.They will send a rear wheel laced ready to bolt into your frame---you supply the cluster or block for the pedal side(or also order that part)The outside drive has brackets that fit most new bikes---same bracket comes with the inside drive but it needs modifing to fit your bike.
I do feel the staton is the best buy in the long run--the gear box is life time and the motors can be had at any tools company and replaced with out having to order parts from??? who knows where.Cost more but works great.