North Carolina I.C.E. MAB Laws

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    I live in Florida and we just got RS-68 passed for I.C.E. (Internal Combustion Engine MAB law witch requires us to register our MAB with the DMV and get it tagged and registered. I do not want to do this but would like to continue with MABing. Does anyone know the I.C.E. MAB law for the state of North Carolina. I'm considering summering there this summer and would like to take my I.C.E. MAB with me. Thanks

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    Might try the NC dmv website. That's a state that doesn't get mentioned often. If no luck try looking up 50cc scooter laws in NC and see what pops up.
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    It does appear to imply that. I would attempt to comply and see if they have any impediments to the process for your MAB.