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HI All,

Since I had been contacted by several people regarding the possibility of alternate chain rings for the SBP Shifter Kit, I decided to make a few today and though I'd post some pics for those of you out there who want to experiment with different gearing....

The pics show a 36T , a 44T and a 50T chain ring.

For weight conscious people, we will be putting lightening holes in the 36T sprocket for production models.

The pictures are of our hobbed chain rings.

I will be making red anodized CNC'd chain rings this weekend for my bike (I want to do some red chain rings since some of the parts on the bike for my next build are red and I wanted to color coordinate).

The CNC models may be a bit lighter since I will be able to make bigger cutouts (The hobbing machine can only make circles but I may experiment with "sausage" cutouts which the hobbing machine can also do).

The Chain ring weights are as follows (hobbed version) :

Stock: 36T weighs 9.3 OZ Our Super Sprockets : 3.3 OZ (w/o lightening

Stock: 44T weighs 15.0 OZ Our Super Sprockets : 4.2 OZ

Our 50T Super Sprocket : 5.5 OZ

NOTE: We can make pretty much any size you could reasonably need. For pricing look to our myspace page at :

These chain rings are made using the same materials and care as our rear Super Sprockets.

Have fun!


PS - I'll try to take better pictures next time....don't know why the flash didn't light up the sprocket details better.....

I will post pics of our CNC'd version shortly


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Nov 9, 2007
Duvall, WA
That adds some cool possibilities. Hook up with some of the Aussie blokes. Dudes want to pedal assist at 30 mph+!


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Jul 30, 2008
Dam straight :)

These look great! I'll have to order two so that they match now :)

50T would reduce cadence considerably at 50kph. Feel like I'm sprinting at the moment - would probably need an 8T on the jackshaft though :/


This is what I wanted, thanks.

But what is the SBP stock number of teeth? I don't have my bike here to count the teeth!:confused:
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Hi All,

The stock chain ring set up is 36T for the rider and 44T for the engine.

I made the 50T since lots of bikes with triple chain rings typically have chain rings in the
20's, 30's, and 40's (at least mountain type bikes)....I went a little bigger figuring motor
biking would involve faster speeds on the average..( size really doesn't matter so much from a manufacturing standpoint since we can make sizes from super small to up to 70+T teeth if needed).

To keep similar gearing for the engine you can either reduce the size of the small drive jack shaft sprockets (SBP sells a 9T) or you can alter the chain ring size the engine drives or some combination thereof...

I am looking forward to getting my kit going to do more experimenting myself....


PS - Of course with a Power Pipe or other power enhancing engine mods, steeper gearing may not be that big of a deal....time and tinkering will tell.