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  1. luis

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    hi i just started this prokect, i have everything in place and i just needed help on putting the chain on the motor. Also is it normal for the star on the motor for the chain to not move at all when the motor is off.

    thank you...

  2. scokes

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    First, welcome to the site.

    second, what type of engine are we taking about? if it is one of the two strokes, 49 or 80cc, you best bet is to feed one end of the chain from the top. pull back the clutch (this should answer your second question) and the "star" sprocket should move freely. once you have the chain around the front sprocket, you can then connect the chain together.

    If I am way off base, it's just becaus ei am not sure what type of engine you have and a little more information will be usebful.

    There are many good experienced people here who are more than willing to help a newbie get there bike going.

    I know this is a long read but check out this thread. It should direct you to more helpful information.