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  1. philco51

    philco51 Guest

    After several phone conversations and research I found the Ohio Dept. of Public Safety site that has specific guidelines for what is a moped. I met all of the criteria (only I have a Dacs 70cc). They list specific bikes for
    "approved models" Columbias "Western Flyer" Puch etc. all of which I believe are commercial Mopeds. My Dax mounted on my Murray cruiser cannot be considered, according to the person I spoke with. Any other Ohioans that have faced this? My bike is sitting useless if this is the case.

  2. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    About your engine size..

    Since there are no markings on your motor, why would you tell them you have a 70? Also..These are not mopeds. They are motor assisted bicycles.
  3. philco51

    philco51 Guest

    Re Re Ohio Laws

    I don't have to tell them it's a 70cc. No matter who at Motor Vehicles you speak with you will get a different answer one says it doesn't fit into any category therefore needs no license another says it' s illegal and can't be operated on the streets period. (Although I see kids on unlicensed motorized scooters all over the place) Lately I've just been riding anyway and keeping an eye out.
  4. Guest

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    Yep, you'll have that in Ahia. You can talk to the same person at the BMV and get different answers on different days. You can ask a question and get three answers from three people and no one seems to know what they (OR YOU) are talking about.

    Heck, I can't even get a straight answer about a salvage title issue! The best that one could do was to say "Oh Dorothy doesn't know what she's talking about." When I asked why then did she work there, they told me I had to leave.

    Good luck.
  5. Same thing here. Our local HP didn't know and didn't care. I think they have more important things to worry about. They actually asked me to call them back if I found anything out....hahahahaa. Sooooo....I'm going to just play ignorant if stopped......sometimes it's the best policy. I don't really think this will become an issue until more people are using them and someone acts like an idiot on a bike with a motor. Abuse always calls attention to thing like this.....otherwise, officers don't care.....you're a person on a bicycle trying to beat the oil companies.......hoooray to you.
  6. philco51

    philco51 Guest

    I give up!!

    I've been lucky riding in the neighborhood without being noticed by the local cops, everyone loves the retro looking bike and stop me to talk about it all the time. But all good things come to an end. As I was riding along I noticed in my rear view mirror "Worthington Police"on a car that slowly followed me. I stopped the engine and started fooling with the idle.
    The cop pulled alongside and said "What is that?" I told him "motorized bike" he told me he wasn't going to cite me but his fellow officers probably would. I explained some of the definitions in motorbike laws and that mine did not fit the category for moped, scooter or motorcycle. He said it was great that I knew alot about it but said "I's a nice bike but you will still probably get nailed by one of my co workers.... I'm going to sell it and be done with harrassment... It's been fun,
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    i know the same process will take place more & more...in my area i have one potential member who i'd rather not have riding along as he's the kind of guy who could draw the wrong attention...

    i'm thinking it might be a good idea to try to link your cops to MBc so they can realize how responsible about all this we're trying to be...might help, can't hurt.
  8. shroomer

    shroomer New Member

    I have some info right here:

    Section 4511.01 of the Ohio revised code defines a motorized bicycle as any vehicle with two tandem wheels or one fron and two rear wheels which is capable of being pedaled and is also equiped with a helper motor. The law specifies a helper must:

    Have a piston displacement of no more than 50cc
    Produce no more than one-brake horsepower
    Propel the vehicle to a maximum speed of no greater than 20 mph on a level serface

    Any motor-driven or motor-assisted cycle which exceeds any of these limitations is legally a MOTORCYCLE and is subject to all ovehicle operator licencing requirements that apply to full-sized motorcycles.

    In addition to the requirements above all motorized bicycles must be approved by the director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety as meeting the basic equipment standards......

    Taken from "digest of Ohio Motor vehicle laws" procured at the local DMV.
  9. yardmaster

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    If you look at the approved list at the end of ohio's approved moped list is a moped called WildFire. Its actually a bicycle engine kit on a bike. Not too expensive. a few hundred bucks. The company is in ohio and is called wildfire motors. I think that will be good for you. This engine is frame mounted and is close to 50cc.

    Also- for future purposes, I would strongly suggest that you find out how new mopeds can be added to the list. Maybe GEBE can be added. The reason I am saying this is just incase wildfire ever stops selling their one engine kit that is approved in ohio. You would be doing the movement a real good favor if you could get another approved as a spare reference in ohio digest.

    Questions? Feel free to contact me.

    Jason Jones
  10. shamrock

    shamrock New Member

    Greetings All,

    Well, I'm going to try to post this again! Darn thing timed out because I wrote so much.

    This is my second post ever on this forum and I'm not a lawyer and I'm not pretending to be one because I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. But I think there are several things that need to be discussed when it comes to "motorized bicycles" or "mopeds" in Ohio.

    Yes, the OAC, Ohio Administrative Code states that those two terms may be used interchangeably. Deal with it, whether you like it or not. I think everyone from Ohio needs to read the OAC Chapter 4501-23. It has the majority of the information we all need to understand concerning MB usage in Ohio. As for the Approved list of manufacturers, I do not believe that the state can explicitly state that we must purchase a bike through those companies as that would be the state saying that these are the safest MB's on the market. I did not realize the state could make this determination for me. I could be wrong with my thinking but...

    Now on to the meat. Please read this carefully!

    Section 4501-23-19 Assembly by person other than a manufacturer.

    4501-23-19 Assembly by person other than manufacturer.
    Nothing in these rules and regulations shall prohibit a person other than a manufacturer from constructing, assembling, or equipping a vehicle so as to conform to the specifications of a motorized bicycle. Such person shall, however, comply with all of the rules contained in Chapter 4501-23 of the Administrative Code to the same extent as is necessary of a manufacturer.

    R.C. 119.032 review dates: 09/12/2006 and 03/09/2011

    Promulgated Under: 119.03

    Statutory Authority: R.C. 4511.521

    Rule Amplifies: R.C. 4511.521

    Prior Effective Dates: 4/1/78

    That sure reads to me that we can build our own custom MB's but we have to make sure we are building them to "code" if you will. We will have to get them properly registered and the such.

    You could also establish your own business or diversify your already existing business and fill out a form from the Ohio Dept. of Public Safety, the BMV. This form is the Application for Manufacturer or Dealer in Watercraft Trailers OR Motorized Bicycles. The form will cost you $30 bucks. This is a small price to pay if you want a legit MB on an "approved list." You will have to make sure you have a federal tax id number to become eligible for this option. This will provide you with plates and the such. Check out the Ohio BMV for more information on this option.

    So, there are options out there for us in Ohio. We just have to seek them out and follow through with the codes as we read them. Johnny Law might read them another way but I guess you can always ask for forgiveness later.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this nonsense.
  11. birddog1148

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  12. action

    action New Member

    So with this form filled out, what do you do from there? Do you have to take a bike in and have it inspected, then you get put on the list of approved manufacturers? I am serious about trying to get plates and want to make sure I can before I spend the money to put a motor on my bike. Anyone gone any further with this process?
  13. shroomer

    shroomer New Member

    If anyone in ohio has successfully built their own and got it registered PLEASE do a step by step. I may end up going the (shutters) electric route if no one can come up with a way to do this for sure... as in done it yourself.

    Not trying to be rude, just don't have a lot of disposable cash to throw away.
  14. camlifter

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    i live in marion, the cops here are all over MB's, but go to findly and they don't even give you a second look, just depends on where you live in ohio. wildfire no longer sells the street legal bike, but there still on the ohio list. the only way to do it in ohio is to use the self assembled rule, you will need turn singles, head, tail and brake light, horn and mirror, it will be considered a moped so you'll need to insure it and have a valid license.
  15. Will Snow

    Will Snow Member

    Starting in 1978 I carried a motorized bicycle in my airplane and used it often to get from a out of the way airport into town.

    Enjoyed it so much that I put together several other motorized bicycles and just enjoyed building and riding them.

    Never the slightest problem from law enforcement, but I was careful to obey the law and ride them as a bicycle and not a motorcycle.

    Things have changed in these later years. More motorized bicycle riders and some are very careless, drawing the wrong kind of attenton to the motorized bicycle riders.

    Law makers and law enforcement are being forced to do something about it in certain areas.

    In Campell county Virginia there were no requirements other than just ride safely.

    Now that I am in California it is a different story. All my bikes are registered and I have a motorcycle drivers license as required. There are some small details on a couple of my bikes ( I have seven ) that don't meet the requirments but I think if I ride safely and continue riding them as a bicycle I will not be a problem for a police officer.

    I would not be to quick to give up on motorized bicycles because of the legal requirements, they are a neat hobby and sport. See If you can comply with the requirments or try to come close, ride safely and obey the law. Even in California I have never been stopped and several police officer have looked my way and just continued on to more important matters.