Fuel Mixture Oil to Gas Ratio Help!!!!!

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    I have ran Amsoil for 35 plus years at 100/1 in a brand new Jonsonred chain saw, and a 340 Kawasaki ultralight engine, airplane , no carbon build up and no plug foweling, and the best part , starts on first pull and runs cooler...

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    16:1 full synthetic for run in 20:1 after run in you will notice it's fouling up a bit but running better so my answer is 25:1 is perfect don't go to 30:1 unless you're ready to blow your engine these cheap China engines need more oil than 30:1 or pop goes the weasel!! You have been warned, castrol full synthetic race oil works for me if you have money to burn. If you're using cheap oil keep it at 20:1 that's what it says in the instruction manual for all 46cc 66cc 80cc bike engines.
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    Updated chart graphic.

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