Fuel Mixture Oil to Gas Ratio Help!!!!!

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    I have ran Amsoil for 35 plus years at 100/1 in a brand new Jonsonred chain saw, and a 340 Kawasaki ultralight engine, airplane , no carbon build up and no plug foweling, and the best part , starts on first pull and runs cooler...

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    16:1 full synthetic for run in 20:1 after run in you will notice it's fouling up a bit but running better so my answer is 25:1 is perfect don't go to 30:1 unless you're ready to blow your engine these cheap China engines need more oil than 30:1 or pop goes the weasel!! You have been warned, castrol full synthetic race oil works for me if you have money to burn. If you're using cheap oil keep it at 20:1 that's what it says in the instruction manual for all 46cc 66cc 80cc bike engines.
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    Updated chart graphic.

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    Hey bud, remember, oil is essential, so treat you bike like your kid. Give it the best high performance 2cycle oil you can find, best spark plugs best fuel filter, and it gets great gas mileage so, use premium gas when you fill up. The cleaner the better. As for mixing, a lot of opinions will fly, the company usually makes a mixing guide, if you want to use that. But, just throw down the extra ten bucks to get premo stuff
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    Hey guys, I feel it is always important to search the specifics on the engine itself, mine calls for 16:1 for the first two tanks, and 32:1 after that. But also that is for regular use. If you plan on modifying the motor to be high performance, I recomend a ratio with a bit, bit, BIT. More oil, to counter act the extra heat and stress. I hope this helped. Plus, be good to your bike, spend a little extra for premium gas, and premium oil. The guys I know who are always saying, "man, these China motors suck"... they are the guy who don't get the little extras. I get HD studs, mounts, etc. treat your engine like you care, and logic dictates it will obviously last longer, and run stronger.
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    I have been using general purpose 2 cycle oil, whatever's available.

    I eyeball a half of the 3$ bottle to a gallon. I break in a full 3$ bottle to a gallon.

    I did start adding LEAD SUBSTITUTE and it's incredible, 0.5 oz to a gallon.

    Has a smoother operation and crisper compression, super slick.
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    Hi im buliding a stroked bored aerox 132cc motor rest of bike upgraded to race spec including breaks just wondering about the 16:1 fuel mix for run in why is this i know you need to bed everything in but is this a little low to start with i dont know never run new 2stroke in befor know how to make go better lol thanks for any comments
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    Pete if you check the recommended oil mix ratios from the 70s for all 2 stroke engines you will see 16/1, I bought a new 250 Suzuki in 1980 and that was the recommended ratio. It fouled 3 plugs before I figured out that it was way too much oil. Back then a lot of people didn't use 2 cycle oil, so the ratio of oil was high.
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    I have been using ~35:1 for the entire life of my motor (66/80 cc with over 4,000 miles) and it runs great aside from the repetitive wrist pin bearing failures (2). I also didn't take it over twenty miles per hour for the first five-hundred miles.
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    Just out of curiosity, could you use 16:1 all the time? Would this make it more reliable, or make the engine last longer? Would it make it slower, or is it just expensive?
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    It is generally not advisable to run a rich oil to fuel mixture and can decrease performance by foiling up the plug reducing firing potential. If your spark plug is a nice chocolate brown color that means you have a good mix if it is darker, too rich, lighter, too lean.
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    that spark plug deal is for air/fuel ratio, not oil/fuel ratio
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    This is a subject that everyone seems to have a different answer to, I run 32/1 in all my 2-stroke engines, bikes, chain saws, weed Wacker and blower. I have been running a chain saw every year since 1983 cutting fire wood with no oil related failures, that's a pretty good indicator that the ratio is lubing the engine. I wouldn't expect a ht engine to last that long but feel safe that it is not going to fail because of lack of lubrication.

  14. Still using supet tech ? Got several bottles in my rv good enough for brake in BTW I think it's bad to break in with synthetic period doesn't allow the rings to properly seat in the automotive industry as well it is micropourus conventional til 1.5k or 300k in older model cars that could benefit from conventional and a new pan seal.