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  1. coyote888

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    What kind of oil do yall use?
    My go to is craftsman full synthetic, can find it at any advance autoparts.. Kinda expensive though. Almost 5 bucks for 6.4 Oz so I use 1 per 2 gal container and top it off with cheaper peak 2 stroke oil to get 32:1 (recommended in the manual)

    Speaking of which what oil ratio have you found best works for your happy time?

  2. butre

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    I like to recommend 32:1 for longevity but tend to use 40:1 in my own bikes. I tend to just use whatever oil I can find cheaply, typically stamix on account of the gas stations I normally stop at all being right next door to an auto zone.
  3. Purple Haze

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    The Tech1 brand at Wal-Mart is very inexpensive and good quality, been running it for years @ 32:1 with no issues. If you just putt around and don't pull hills 40:1 may be the best. I think the expensive synthetic stuff is a waste of money.
  4. Slogger

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    Valvoline. Plain old Valvoline.
    It's very slippery.
  5. coyote888

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    I ride mine pretty hard so I keep it around 32:1. The synthetic is expensive but it kept my last engine running forever and I abused the hell out of it. Running it through dirt and mud, up and down steep hills on dirt trails out in the woods. WOT whenever possible XD