Oiling Questions


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11:31 AM
Feb 18, 2008
So a 2 cycle uses oil in the fuel . that part I get. My weedwacker uses 2.5Oz per gallon. I think thats 50:1

So why does the HT engione say run 16:1? wouldn't that smoke like a fog machine? I can inderstand more oil at breakin, but is this 16:1 right?

Also, what problems, or benifits can there be from running too much oil in the mix, or too little. I mean other than seizing up.

Say, for example, I grabbed the bike's gas mix and stuck it in the weedwacker at 16:1. would the added oil cause it to not run? or char up? or something else?
32-40:1 is all that is needed in these engines unless you have bushing bearings. If you using an oil that has 10-20% castor oil in it, 50:1 works. My recommendation is based on personal experience and may void the worthless warranty your engine should have come with in the first place.
While I acknowledge 32-1 is all you need, would a higher ratio have any significant impact on the life of the nikasil cylinder sleeve.

Too much oil can possibly lead to carbon deposits, sticking piston rings and plugged exhaust ports. I run 32:1, and I did not increase the oil amount for break-in. I enriched the mixture for break-in, so there is more fuel/oil mix circulating through the engine. After a couple of tanks I will lean the mix back to normal for better performance. Even running rich, the smoke is minimal. I doubt there will be any visible smoke after I lean the metering needle a notch or two.

I think the 16:1 and 20:1 ratios are based on the somewhat inconsistent quality of oil in the Chinese domestic market where these engines were workhorses. Since most of us have access (and can afford) high quality two stroke specific oil, we can run higher ratios without risk. The manual from powerkingshop actually specified 10W30 motor oil! Some two stroke equipment back in the sixties would specify 16-20:1 ratios with automotive motor oil if two stroke oil was not available.
Yeah, my instructions specify 10W30 oil as well. I was assuming that was just the weight of the 2 cycle oil. Motor oil makes more sense!

So whats the best oil to use, if price is not considered. pure caster oil?
Is synthetic worth it? Beter?

And with price being an object (it is) whjats the best oil to use in these HTs?
Pure castor will glaze things up - its best to use a mixture of synthetic and castor - maybe up to 20% castor.

They used to use castor oil in rotary aero engines - and it tended to give pilots the runs because the engines didnt burn all of it and you tended to get a faceful..

Oddly enough my motor on the GEBE is running its specced 50:1 and its not burning its oil which is dribbling out of the exhaust... do I leave it like that? or do I use a little less oil?

Incidentally I didnt put the Nitro fuel in this time. The motor is noisier and smokier when it starts up, but it has alot more power in the low range than it did before.. I havent been able to open it up but its free running upto 33mph and will accelerate up hills!

Jemma xx