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One more time

Quenton Guenther

Well-Known Member
Aug 2, 2007
Due to the overwelming response of my last offering on this site, I sold all the used Whizzer NE motors in a few days. Today I managed to locate one more Whizzer motor that I am willing to part with. The motor is a NEW WC-1 that I used to test camshafts with. The motor has never been started, only used with dial indicaters to degree modified camshafts. I can convert this motor to a stock NE, a modified NE or a "fire breather" It can be purchased without carburetor, a 22 MM carburetor, or the special 26 MM carburetor. I will custom design the motor to your needs. I also have 2 highly modified early [rare] NE cylinders for the "go fast" crowd. PM me for prices & details.