Ongoing problems with GEBE Robin/Subaru 4 stroke

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    Does anybody make custom rear axles? Non-quick-release, and at least 3/8" in diameter? Here's my story - don't feel obligated to read if you know the answer to my Q...thanks:

    Unfortunately I've been in possession of this lovely engine for a few weeks now...and still don't have it attached to any bike.

    First off, GEBE sent me the wrong size drive ring. So I had the luxury of waiting till they shipped me the right one. Then once I had the correct one, I discovered that the rear axle on my Marin mountain bike was too short to attach the mount. So I brought it to a bike shop, they ordered a 185mm axle. Then I discovered that the frame doesn't permit the mount to be installed at all - it's shaped in such a way that the mount cannot stand vertically, and because of which, the second brace cannot reach the rear of the frame. This was aggravating because I was informed by GEBE that it would fit my frame BEFORE I BOUGHT AND ORDERED IT.

    So, I decided that I need a new bike anyway...I'll go for a Marin Coast Trail - nice ride, and it doesn't break the bank. So I have the bike store put a new 185mm rear axle to replace the quick release. Unfortunately, the axle is too short for this bike because the frame is slightly there is not enough room to mount the brace again!


    Does anybody make custom rear axles? Non-quick-release, and at least 3/8" in diameter? Or an alternative solution? I'm already considering returning the engine, so please don't suggest that.

    Currently motorless biker

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    I once ordered a longer axle from GEBE than the one that is sold on their website. They said that they could make it any length at no extra cost. I'm sure they just cut these from a length of threaded rod.
    Reading your post again, GEBE axles are probably smaller than the 3/8" that you are looking for.
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    hi; the kit does not absoltely have to be mounted to axle. most bikes have other attatchment points or holes in the frame that can be used. there are so many options that you should not expect it to be so easy. call a couple of friends, have a cool one a think outside the box. search this site for mount ideas. it will happen.
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    Hi LPisGood.
    A while back I made a video of my gebe and staton bikes. About 1/3 of the way through the video I show my mount attached to the frame and not attached to the axle. Maybe this will give you an idea of what stude13 was talking about. Also I attached 3 photos of the mount. I did have to drill a new hole to get it to mount. Hope it helps. DONT send it back. It is a great set up. graucho

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    i know where your coming from, as i looked for about 2 months with no sucess for a longer axle, the one gebe sells still wasnt long enough for my needs. I fitted my kit to a mongoose and wanted to be able to tow my kids trailer around which also connected to the rear axle. I could mount the gebe kit fine, but once i put the kids trialer hitch on i didnt have enough thread biting to make it secure.

    I took a leap of faith after reading about the frame mounted setups, that fellow gebe members had done, and it has worked out amazing,, i can now pull of the rear wheel with ease and not have to worry about the engine mount, as it is a pain in the *** to find somewhere to prop it up and fiddle with the wires.

    I did have to buy a new wheel with 12 guage spokes as i didnt trust the 14 guage after reading all the reviews. I know you probably have done your homework but their is a wealth of info in the various blogs and help from all the gebe guys is just a click away. Dont let your fustration get the best, just fire up the pc and every problem you have will be most likely answered with a doable solution.

    I can imagine your fustration not been able to ride but once you get it rigged up all those *#@# & *#$@ will be forgotten.

    and now the motor mount is as bomb proof without actually welding to the bike.

    good luck, we feel your pain, but the journey will be will worth it in the end...
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    Thanks guys, all of you. A lot of useful info. I'll report back shortly, hopefully with a success story and some pics. Cheers!
  7. astring

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    email augidog, he walked me through a few hitches in my install. He will probably have an idea that simplifies your situation (he did for me). I have about 350 miles on my eho35 GEBE kit and I am loving it (I did have a couple of minor issues at first but the support was totally there from both Augi and Dennis). The benefit of the GEBE kits is the great support.
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    I've been suggesting to GEBE that they make motor mounts that fit quick-release axles. All it is, is a smaller hole. GEBE sells the longer axles. They are 10mm by 7 inches long if I remember correctly. And the thread pitch is 1mm. Unfortunately, it's hard to find bearing cones, cone locknuts and spacers the right size. I've also suggested that GEBE make their own wheels with the drive ring and axles ready-installed. Why? let's face it....the high-end bicycles will have quick-release axles; not 3/8" axles.
  9. lol suburu 35cc friend had one on a kit bike and he warped the case! lol the cam is plastic we found out lol
  10. astring

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    Seems like a lot of people get 10K+ on these. Can you give me more details on that RS with the problems? maybe it was counterfeit (what kit did it come in?)
    from their site:

    > Industrial Engines > All Engines > Micro
    Standard Features:
    Powder metal inserted cam gear
    High-carbon steel crankshaft
    Connecting rod with needle bearing inserts
    Hi-temp fluoride oil seal
    Patented oil lubrication system
    Aluminum alloy blocks with cast iron cylinder liner
    Electronic ignition with automatic timing adjustment
    Dual ball bearing supported crankshaft
    Automatic decompression system
    Splash type lubrication
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  11. yep thats the one.
    i had the valves done to a 3 angle port job and also before we did that we found out that from the factory they tightened the valve lash to much and the exhaust port is smaller then a weed eater 29cc?
    the splash type lubrication is what killed it we were probly pulling it to about 11thousand rpms when it let go we found the cam in pieces and the block was warped and oil was every were and that automatic timing adjustment is a joke

    what it needed for what we did was a windage tray in there so the crank wouldnt get too heavy from the oil the cam gears are plastic so timing after a few months slips and tha valves need to be re lashed and put a 3 angle grind on the valves also the intake and exhaust are tooooooo small

    but stock they should last but i wouldnt do anything to mod them cause they will blow
  12. astring

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    I would not think of doing any mods on mine. 20 mph is the speed limit in AZ (if you go faster you risk several thousand dollars in fines and possible jail time). The eho35 hits 20 without much throttle.
  13. well its not just for going faster its for hill climbing power if you cant get 4.5 hp out of a 35cc engine then its a failed engine thats what our moddo is at TGR me an my friends are surprized at how bad all these engines on these kits are cause if you cant get past 10thousand rpm with a 48cc then its got to be bad.

    but we could hit 30 with it but we never once used the pedals with a 150+ rider and besides the throttle is for speed control you shouldnt just go all out hit 20 and be done bieng able to go faster can save your life!
  14. astring

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    no hills in Phx. I take back roads to and from work. The eho35 does fine for me, it will cruise above 20 (probably 25 to 30?) but I keep it at about 20. btw are you saying that the info on the eho35 (from their website) is inaccurate?
  15. no inacurate and a lie
    just a way for them to sell the enggine better its a fixed coil mount just the same as any engine from china.
    and all that bs about thier cranks bieng special is nothing special the engine that they make for bikes from china have the same stuff for the crank

    the only great thing is the iron sleeved cylinder but it has its down sides too such as the iron holds in the heat and also after a long long ride it can cause pinging(detonation)
  16. wavygravy

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    gorilla your not correct in your insight , i run my robin at a constant 25- 28 all day long with no noticeable blurbs, hiccups ect! no pinging at all! works for me!
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    Ah, to be 18 again.

    But come to think of it, when I was 18 I was riding a 900cc rocket.:lol:
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    The cam is not plastic. You must have gotten a Chinese counterfeit.
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    900 seca myself. Decided that was too fast and went with an 1100 magna.
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    When you mod an engine to jack the power up, There IS a trade-off - you lose reliability. I ride my bike to work. I want it to stay running with no tinkering needed. Those R/S & Honda engines are designed for reliability - NOT for performance boosting. And, they're not over-designed. If you keep 'em stock, they're VERY reliable.
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