Bent axle, Any suggestions?

So turns out I don't think I need to split it anymore. My case is slightly cracked. I have a video of me doing a air leak test on it by cycling the engine over and it blows bubble out. Also when I turn the engine on its side a little pool of black fuel forms under it. I might just clean it up and jb welb is shut.
Some high temp silicone will work too. I'd probably just look for a replacement
I'd probably just look for a replacement
I agree, that crack is likely to get longer's made from "genuine"

To prevent that crack from spreading and to get your repair to last you should tear the whole thing down and clean both sides (inside and outside of the case). Once they are clean you should find the.ends of the crack and drill them out with a small drill bit. Theyn JB weld the crack i side and outside and smooth the inside back down.
Alright so the crack is seal pretty good from what I can tell and it’s laying on its side so gravity can maybe fill it in more. I also patched up some other crappy castings on the engine to prevent further damage.
Looks like you got a bum motor with all those cracks and bad castings.
Yeah that is probably true, but hey it's my first and its a very good learning experience. This is probably just going to be a motor to just mess around and cruise on. I'm very interested in getting a minarelli I saw for like 200 bucks so if I want to upgrade or try to make a race bike far enough down the road I can always go to that.
Small question but does anyone know how to fix the threads on the thing flower nut is supposed to screw on? I’m trying to put it back on and it won’t go on.