Bent axle, Any suggestions?

One problem after another.
Does it cross thread? If you turn the nut backwards until it clicks into the thread and carefully turn forward while pressing in may get it to start.

Other than that chase the thread with a die but you would have to disassemble the clutch which can be done without splitting the case.
Remove the nut holding the clutch basket, use the little tool to remove the basket and drive the shaft out with the inner part of the tool.
Be careful to get the bearings to seat on reassembly. You tube has some videos.
I think I fixed the engines threads but my flower nut is all screwed up. The flower nut will now screw on from the back side. But not the correct side. Might just have to get a new flower nut.
Ok so a current rundown. Leak has been fixed (finally) bikes starts a lot easier now. But I noticed my base gaskets were awfully wet looking. Not sure if that’s normal. Bike needs to be tuned definitely.