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  1. This frame is the twin of my mountain bike; formerly belonging to my ex-wife. They are both 20ish years old. Mine was maintained... hers was not.
    The headlights are from Walmart $15.00 mounted to a reflector mount. The Bell leather handlebar bag is also from Walmart $25.00. It holds a 7Ah SLA battery and the switch. I will later mount the switch into the bag after I line the bag with thin plywood and foam to keep the heavy battery from distorting and wearing the leather. The batteries were rescued from lightning damaged computer UPS's. I keep at least one charged so i can switch them out. I removed the derailleurs and am running the bike as a single speed.
    The last pic is of my next build. Now that I am gainfully employed again; this hobby will be soaking all my descretionary cash.

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  2. The rest of the STUFF

    Here are pics of the current inventory in my household. The first is my first ten speed. As a young racer in the mid 70's, I had the bike built for me and equipped with Campagnolo components. It cost me around $1800 in 1973... lots of newspaper sales. The second is a recent purchase. It is an EZ racer sport i picked up for $400.00. The third pic is of ny current Mountain bike and the reason I found this forum. While surfing for parts, I ran across "motorized mountain bike" and that was all she wrote. The fourth pic is of a donor bike i puchased for my tween daughter (now 20 and at Stanford), the awesome V brakes are on my MB, as well as the wheelset. And the last is of the wheelsets from the above framesets.

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    :ee2k: "stole" that EZ racer! Please join in at our recumbent forum

    you have a lot of nice bikes!!:clap:
    glad to have you here.
  4. thanks Dave... I purchased the bike from a family friend who was non-ambulatory due to MS. I puchased it for my bad back. I had surgery in '99 and was painfree for many years. Apparently scar tissue and arthritus has crept into L5-S1 and is irratating my sciatic nerve. However, recumbents use "ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MUSCLES" than standard bikes. I thought to ride 5 miles or so and was panting and aching after 3 blocks. The frame is a little flexible for a Motored Bike and after 6 mos of riding and still I do not have 1/3 of my stamina on a regular bike.
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    welcome! looks like you have the skills to keep a good motoredbike humming along, great pics too!
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    I like your lights. How long does a battery charge last?
  7. Pablo...

    I only ride to and from my favorite dive bar at night, 3.7 miles. So I have yet to run down the battery. I switch the battery out each time I ride at night with a freshly charged one. I still have my cateye 3v lamp as back up.
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    Nice! Gotta love that.