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    Ran across this surplus oversized aluminum military surplus canteen the other day, and thought they would make a cool gas tank for 'military' styled motored bikes.

    They hold 45 oz (3 oz. short of 1.5 quarts) and come with an O.D. canvas cover w belt loop mount. If you need more capacity, get two, run a hose from the bottom of one to the top of the second, and only vent the cap on the farthest one from the engine.

    If this doesn't fit your 'look,' the same company also has a surplus half-gallon, stainless-steel hip flask ... which you could probably also use as a tank... It's only problem is a small opening, but they also stock small stainless steel funnels (at only $1.50,) "made for pouring Dad's special medicine into a hip flask."
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    The flask would make a very cool tank. That's a great site.
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    Hey Loquin,
    I love that flask. I full 1/2 gallon! I went to by one but then they wanted 7.00 bucks for delivery. I thought that was ridiculous and I refused to pay over 50% for shipping. So I bought 2 flasks and 2 funnels to justify it. I don't compromise my values.:grin5: Thanks for sharing.
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    Hmmmm. One flask for gas, one for ... refreshment. Just don't get 'em mixed up! ;)
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    last time i went riding through my buddies camp, some of the stuff they were drinking might as well been gas! was noxious! :)

    if you want a cool military style tank, look to small ammo cans!
    my 2cc
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