project part 2

what bike should I use for the project design

  • (1967) Suzuki RK67 50-2

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  • (1968) Yamaha RD-05/A 250-V4

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  • (1970) ducati d1

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For $114 CDN hard to beat. There is no way I could even buy the materials for that kind of money. That nose piece would take me many hours to complete.

That could be used as a starting point for the rest of the fairing if you wanted to continue to add simpler parts to fill it in but as GW says, these motors need as much cooling as they can get.
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would installation or foam boards work like these walmart or the home depo (home depo might be better)

If you wanted to make quick simple body panels that are easy to form.

I would use Kydex thermoforming plastic. Wears like steel, lite like carbon fiber. & you can buy 2foot×4foot sheets fairly reasonable. Forms with a heat gun. Or oven if your doing large areas.
OP may have not seen this thread before.

I love the random pics the other forum will show you. Sure it'll be from 2010 but you wouldn't have seen it otherwise. I found this cool build with fiber glass cosmetics. Full suspension, and its a shifter bike.

Great styling on the MotoDromo II build. Finished pictures:

The build details: