Pull Start Pull start disaster.

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by superbee, May 14, 2009.

  1. superbee

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    Hi, well i havent rode the bike in days, so i took her out for a good hour ride, probably more than i ever have yet (its pretty new to me) and was driving her fairly hard tonight, she was running good.

    First thing that made me mad was i realized the tab that holds the clutch in was gone, it had vibrated out GRR!!!

    then i was riding and toward the end of my hour ride, i noticed the pull handle was hitting on my pedal, so i reach down and it comes off in my hand,

    The pull start has always been kinda jank since new, it didnt always grab and kinda slipped sometimes...

    So bah, i thought, good to get that out of my way anyways, ill adress it later.

    Well im driving, was doing alot of high speed turns on a huge cement parking lot and THANK GOD!!!!!! i was done doing that and going in a straight line down the sidewalk because i abruptly find myself sliding sideways as my rear tire is locked solid :ack2:

    So i push in the clutch to stop my slide out and get the bike stopped. Go to leave again and its SOLID!

    Oh great, too high of rpms for too long i thought, engine must be locked? maybe that pull start...

    Bring her back to the shop the ole fashion way. Pull off the pull start cover and its just shratenal. OH GREAT, even in the electronic part there is metal and **** in there, its propably ripped all the wires. clean it out, and hop on the bike and she runs ! YAY!

    So no i just have to decide what i want to do. Get another pull start system. or just slap the cover on with the gutts all out..

    Here is a pic.



    NOTE TO OTHERS! if you pull start starts to come apart, ADRESS IT, or it may end up in a high speed spill. Im still thankfull i didnt wipe out, man....
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I'm glad you didn't wipe out, too.

    But if you don't get a new pull start, then what'll you do? Can you pedal-start? If so, then you'll be all right.
  3. superbee

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    yeah, thats what i was debating about, should i just go by pedaling like most others do which i usually do anyway, or redo the pull start.

    Bout the only thing i liked about the pull start, was you could pull it and let it warm up. DIdnt have to hassel with getitng on it and taking it outside and starting it like that...
  4. HseLoMein

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    I had a slight differently designed pull start and my caused broke causing my engine to lock up, i thought the piston seized, ended walking the bike 5 miles home. When i got home and took it apart i noticed that could still turn the magneto. The bvike runs great, i will not be using another pull start again. This all happened last week.
  5. SirJakesus

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    A freewheel or auto-clutch to the wheel should be standard equipment on MB kits. How many people have had their wheels lock up on a "happy" time?
    Glad to hear it still runs and no real damage was done.
  6. superbee

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    kinda sounds like these arent the most quality pull start kits. I saw a cool thread somewhere else somone made a "bulletproof" pull start. Which was cool, but i really dont think i need it that bad to put the time and money into it.
  7. HybriDude

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    I'm hearing that there is no substitute to good rider competency which you learn on the farm or on the racetrack under supervision.

    Clutch placement is critical. Has this ever been discussed?
  8. superbee

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    if you just get it in your head when s**t goes south to grab the clutch, hopefully when it really does, you can do that just as a reaction. I also give as much front and back brakes as i can just to see how fast i can stop from time to time, i think that gives you a better feel for when you really do need to do an emergency stop.
  9. Junster

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    Way agree with testing your stopping distance. Mine was a lil longer than I thought it would be. Big difference from braking while under pedal power. To now.