Putting a 4 GEBE 4 stroke on it's side or almost upside down during transport.

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by sabrewalt, Nov 30, 2007.

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    I have now been running a RS/35 GEBE for about a month and it has been great. I have found all sorts of practical uses for it around the local area. It hit me however that what would make one of these things even more practical would be to have it on a folding frame. (Maybe I will just build a second one and have two). About three different times I have wanted to return a rental car or deliver my daughters car to a mechanic, found myself in a traffic jam on the way to a sports event and other stuff like that and being able to fold up a bike and trunk it would be just perfect.

    Then I got to thinking, does it adversly affect the engine if it is being transported on it's side or even at greater than 90 degrees. Does the oil get where it is not supposed to. I know this argument is eliminated with the 2 strokes but I was just wondering??

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    Engine Position

    Trimmer motors all. Made to be used in any position. One of their virtues.
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    ok, lemme be a dummy here...1st, i believe about all-position operation.

    let's say that the engine happens to be stored in a position that pools the crank-oil in the up-side-down piston/cylinder. still not a problem?
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    Let me start out by saying I'm not an expert in these things and probably an e-mail to Subaru/Robin would be warrented for a real definative answer. That being said, the way I read the drawings and the oilflow paths shown in them I don't think its possible for the oil to flow into the upside down piston/cylinder. the oil sump section of the engine appears to be totally seperated/isolated from the lower crankcase and oil only flows thru the oil pick up and thru path ways in the engine case and moving parts. There appear to be check valves to keep the oil from doing what you are describing. In the section of the service manual where they describe the operation in the up side down mode they say that it is not optomized for continous use this way, but will operate for short periods? But everything shown in the manual seems to be assuming the engine is running.