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  1. darwin

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    I have the staton FD setup and am wondering if you can tie an auxillary tank into the factory gas and return lines using Ts so you can use both tanks for fuel. Keep in mind this is a diaphragm carb with both caps being vented caps. Would this work?
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  2. jaguar

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    I can think of no reason it wouldn't work.
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I ran an auxiliary Happy Time fuel tank for my twin Mitsubishi engines. I ran the HT petcock, then a T-valve. Since the engines' tanks were not parallel to each other, the rear(lower) engine's tank had a more powerful siphoning effect. To compensate for that, I installed a second petcock between the T-valve and the rear saddle tank to control its fuel draw. :idea:

    You will need to block the engine(s) vented caps, then vent the aux tank. The engine(s) feed from their individual tanks and are replenished by the aux tank.

    My aux tank vented through the keyhole in its locking gas cap.:detective:

    Hope this helps.
  4. darwin

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    That 96oz tank is so big i've decided to just take the stock tank off and use it. Right now I can't justify spending 1 more penny on any more parts. This mab is ready and i'm into it 600$ plus and that doesn't include the bike.
  5. darwin

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    Well there is one more thing I want a folding rear basket to put on the rear........fenders too.
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Yeah, the Subaru I got from Staton had the 96oz tank and no saddle tank.:detective: