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  1. Frankfort MB's

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    I was in the process of building a 212cc predator powered bike and wanted some opinions on what kind of wheel to use

    I NEED JUST A BACK WHEEL to clarify

    Already have the front double wall disc brake wheel

    I know I would like to have something with a double wall rim 26x2.125 that's silver 11-13 gauge spokes

    I don't want to run pedals because it would be something else to have to modify to fit that huge motor

    I can run pedals if required but it has to be a single speed freewheel if that's the case

    Can I use a front wheel on the back?

    Another question. Anyone know of what kit to use that comes with transmission, gas tank, the sprocket... Etc

    If love to have BB's kit but they are sold out.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to go???
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  2. Frankenstein

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    Well, my first question is:

    Jackshaft, or no jackshaft (single speed)?
  3. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    The engine will be single speed, direct drive.
  4. FurryOnTheInside

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    Okay just for discussion purposes..
    My dream rear wheel is to get a Halo SAS 559 x 36mm 48h alloy rim with steel eyelets, built into a classic (old) Hope Big Un 135mm 48h downhill hub that I've been keeping for something special for about the last fifteen years.
    The largest rim you can (conservatively) use on a 2.1" tyre is 38mm (internal rim width X 1.4 = minimum tyre width). The smallest (conservatively) would be 27mm. I think you'd need a special specific reason to go outside conservative limits, as with tyre pressure.
    The Halo rims might not be available in USA but it is a nice example. Halo do make complete wheels but their own brand hub's are supposed to not last as well as the Hope stuff. Still, they are strong and built to take a lot of torque from a disc brake.
    Halo Spin Doctor hubs are available in 48h with 10x135mm solid (nutted) axle and have "outboard" bearings to take the huge side loads of downhill, dirt jumping and loaded tandem touring.
    You can use a single speed conversion on a freehub/ cassette hub.
    I'm not sure the guage of spokes is as important as the quality of the spoke, suitable lacing pattern and build quality, personally. I trust DT Swiss and a local professional wheel builder.
    Which frame are you using and what is the rear dropouts width? Is it standard mountain bike 135mm or bmx 110mm? Though 100mm is the front hub width on mountain bike wheels, they have 9mm/15mm (or 20mm X 110mm) axles and that will not work with 10mm X 110mm rear dropouts. I don't imagine your front disc brake hub has 9mm solid nutted axle...
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  5. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure of sizes and millimeters are Greek to me..... I get the gist of what your saying though, thanks for the help

    I know a little about tandam wheels
    (I mainly stick to old stuff.... Easier to keep up with sizes, also the reason why I stay away from Schwinn:p)
    I built a 78' Schwinn heavy duti once and it had some crazy thick spokes about like a 11-12g. I couldn't find any extra spokes to fit it so I took it too a bike shop and they thought I was crazy for buying a bike that was so heavy..... Until I told them I was building a MB...... If good spokes are better than thicker spokes, what do you recommend? I don't really want to build a wheel because I've seen that done before and I'm not a real patient person;)
    I would like to get a price from local bike shops to see what it would set me back but before I can go I need to know what hub, what rim, what spokes...... My shop charges 45$ for wheel building so I'd like to stay away if I can

    Here's my bike that the wheels going on, it's a 50ish JC Higgins..... I've heard good things about JC bikes from the era so I decided to give it the best (or worst whichever you prefer;)) welcome to MB'ing:D

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  6. FurryOnTheInside

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    Mountain bike (ie disc compatible hubs) components are standardised in millimetres, bmx axles are 3/8" or 14mm. ERTRO tyre/rim sizing is in millimetres.

    Tandem hub width is 140mm but 135 plus spacers works.. But I haven't built tandem bicycles. I know that 6/7 speed bikes have 130mm rear spacing and the 135mm hub should work if you shove it in there. I fear you won't find high quality 130mm hubs anymore. I would think the ISO 6 bolt disc mount hubs (with a top hat adapter for mounting sprocket) are needed for the engine you are using.
    I have always used DT Swiss straight guage 13g spokes (they fit the holes already driled in the hub) and paid for the professional wheel build on my downhill, dirt jump and loaded touring bikes.
    I wouldn't even mention the engine at the bike shop.. I think there is some prejudice.
    Anyway as I wrote recently in another thread, a disc brake applies as much force in decelerating a bike from a certain speed in a certain time as an engine does accelerating it by the same amount and discs can stop tandems going down hills using 13 or 14 guage spokes. Lacing and spoke guage should be the same for MBs, IMO. 48 spokes should be four cross pattern, 36 spokes should be three cross lacing pattern.
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    can u pls paint the bike one color when you are done... :D
  8. Frankfort MB's

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    I don't know what or if I want to paint it:)

    If you haven't seen my bikes, I'm not much on slick pretty things;)