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    I have done a good bit of research on bike motor kits and engines available, and want some further opinion. The threads I found on motor life here were pretty old, so some fresh opinions would be good.

    I am wanting a motor that can drive me from Missouri to Georgia without too much worry, something that I can get many thousands of miles out of, and something that is easy to get replacement parts for. I am not against fabrication of gearbox and such, and would be fine with a centerfugal clutch if the motor is easy to start.

    So far I have Whizzer, Gebe, and Honda engines in mind. I am leaning towards the Honda engines because I am familiar with the brand. 49 to 80 (66)CC is my target, and right now I don't care 2 stroke or 4 as I will have an electric motor to help get up to speed. There will be a 3:1 gear ratio spread from high to low speed too. I just need the gas for distance and max speed riding.

    What say you, MBers?

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    GEBE doesn't make engines but supplies them with their kits and the last I knew were working with Tanaka and Robin/Subaru.

    As to opinion on reliability, I'd say that comes from Japanese small engine makers: Honda, Robin, Tanaka, Mitsubishi. Some might include Ryobi.

    In non Japanese small engines you might find some support for the HuashEng four stroke here, can't say haven't run them.

    If you're looking for 49cc and up from what I see you'd be limited to the Honda GX50 (or Huash 50). Larger than that perhaps Morini but again no personal knowledge.
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    Thanks for the direction. I had never considered origin of manufacturing, but that is probably my best consideration.

    I have also been considering taking a scooter engine and assembly. Depending on how my frame build goes, this may be a good option. The GX50 is where I shall do more research right now.
  4. Mountainman

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    would be best for you Japanese brand

    very long life and many trouble free miles given
    makes for a sweet THING ride my kind of living

  5. bamabikeguy

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    GEBE Tanaka 33 cc (2 cycle) would do it in a heartbeat, you could easily expect 225 miles or more per day, up to 250-280 a day when you get to South Georgia flatlands.

    GEBE with the Robin/Subaru 35 cc (4 stroke) would take about 33% longer, but could still do it.
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    I now have a Morini engine 50cc--absolutely fantastic speed and performance--i understand they are bombproof !!it produces 5.8 hp --6.3 hp with expansion chamber i believe
  7. johnrobholmes

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    I ended up getting a Honda XR50 engine for the build, for ultimate reliability and aftermarket support. Not quite the motor I intended to start with, but this board really helped steer me in the direction I needed.

    I also built up a wheel for the same build today, and assembled the front end. Figured you guys would like to see it since it is mostly bike parts.

    '03 Marzocchi Super Pro
    custom wheel
    shinko 244 DOT tire
    Hayes stroker 8" rotor brakes?

    For the wheel I laced a 17" motorcycle rim into a Marzocchi 20mm front hub with 10ga stainless motorcycle spokes. I did have to drill both the hub for spoke clearance, and rim for the nipples. For the rim strip I used a MR Tuffy liner for bike use. Perfect fit! Pumped it up to 33psi and it rides very solid on my electric bike. Now I need the same for the rear :whistling:

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    Nice looking wheel combo.

    What type of gear reduction or drive train will you use with the Honda motor?
  9. Bobber23

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    Your talking an XR 50 dirtbike motor I'm presuming?