sbp bottom bracket adapter

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    After much frustration, adjusting tightness, bottom bracket coming out of adjustment(pedal crank bearings)and ate the bearings up. I realized a couple of things after researching bike repair sites. The adapter has labels on the bearing cups labeled LEFT and RIGHT. Assuming that this meant left side of bike and right side of bike is wrong. The one labeled LEFT means left hand threads. The one labeled right means right hand threads. Put the RIGHT one on the non- sprocket crank side. Put the LEFT labeled cup on the sprocket- freewheel side. This puts the adjustable side(the threaded piece and lock ring on the easy left side of bike to adjust later if you need to) Also the bearings need to be inserted so that the open ball bearing side of the bearing ring faces looking out towards the end of the pedal crank shaft, into the bearing"cup". The flat side of the bearing ring goes toward the inside facing the crank spindle's "cone", towards the middle or inside of the bottom bracket housing. I hope this helps.