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  1. Turtle Tedd

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    Just got a new seat and a compression post for my schwinn del mar....looking for a nice set of forks to get some spring in the front ...old boney butt needs a little mor on these bumpy roads....I know I can take it apart put the calipers to it and do the trial and error thing..but the bike shop that has these is some miles away...anybody do this modification to their del mar??...need some input

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I've never done it to a Del Mar, but I've switched forks on bikes any number of times and I can't see why it shouldn't be do-able on your bike.

    You only need to make sure that the part of the forks that goes inside the head-set (am I using the right terminology here?) are the same length. Or very close.
  3. azbill

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    it should be an easy swap...I put a springer on my Jag
    just to be sure, you could measure the head-tube (where the forks go thru frame), and ask if it will fit that

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    hey az bill thats a sweet bike man, whered you get the front tool bag?
  5. You can buy those bags at walmart.