Wheels Schwinn Skliner wheel help !!

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    Schwinn Skyliner wheel help !!

    As some of you know, I bought a schwinn skyliner. The engine i plan to put on it is the 4-stroke IF EZMotorbike. I am wondering about the tires and especially the wheels that came with it. One member of this forum recommended replacing the OEM stuff with Husky wheels. BUT...this is a 21 speed with a 7 sprocket and Husky doesnt have anything like that.
    So What do you guys think. I want to use the 11 or 12 gauge spoke 26X2.125 wheels but it seems I'm stuck, with a changeout. Help me out, if you know something. Thanks
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    PLEASE IGNORE ABOVE POST....thanks skweezit
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    why? I'm here now. What was the solution?