Scratching my head and then I find I need Handlebar help


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Hey guys! I'm starting a new thread over from my introductory thread so maybe I can get some help on some challenges. Some of you already seen all this but I'm looking for ideas.
First off,my Schwinn Ruler:

Notice how that front downtube goes straight up then out instead of out then up. I originally wanted a chineese motor up in there but a lot of guys here says no way,man. I don't like them rear mount motors cause it looks too tacky.

And my other idea revolves around my trike:


It's a drum front and coaster rear.


I'm pretty open on this one. Maybe a 5 horse Briggs and Stratton with a centrifical clutch?

I just don't see how it would mount up.

Another idea is a chineese engine mounted behind the seat. Do you envision that?

You guys all rule,man. This forum is cool.
the sky & the $$$ is the limit here.... :LOL:
that is one tough looking trike.

looks like a good drumbrake on the front. what kind of rear brakes?
edit....I can read, :LOL: coaster rear
I do like your mounting behind the seat idea.
or the Briggs idea..... how about 3 hp? :? :LOL: okay.... 5 horse it is.
It needs new tires and tubes and a brake cable cause it's old and some grease here and there,otherwise it's road worthy.
It's cool when you change the rear tires. No tools needed!
I can remove them tires with just my hands!
can you take the rack off so I can see the entire drive set up and yes a 80cc will work fine behind the seat.......
I'll take the rack off tomorrow maybe if I'm not too busy.
Yea it's definetly a brand name bike. I'm lost right now who makes it.
It belonged to one of my students that's developmentally disabled. He was my buddy,man. He passed away...omg has it been 4 years now?
His host home provider left it to me.
I've had many offers for it but it just has so much sentimental value.
It would be so cool to see this thing motorized. He would most definetly approve!
This bike is different. Check out the frame. Can't get much simpler.
I had time tonight actually and I took off that bed thing:

Look at that frame. Just a straight tube running to a tee.

The gearing is kinda cool too. That coaster brake looked like it came off a wheel by evidence of spoke holes but that sprocket was welded on:


I know these bikes are manufactured. Someone told me they run in the upwards of 7 to 8 hundred dollars new.