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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Thatperson, May 2, 2009.

  1. Thatperson

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    Hello. I found this place and thought that I should post here since I picked up one of these kits for my bike. Somebody should of told me these things were this much fun! I would of bought it long ago!

    Just incase anyone wants to know, my name is Shaun and I live in NC. This thing is a blast to ride up and down the coast. I'll post some pics of my bike soon.

  2. HybriDude

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    Gday Shaun.

    Looking forward to see your pics.
  3. ENO

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    Hey Shaun..Welcome from ENO (Down Under) have obviously finished the build (or else what would you be riding)..Pics?..Use freeware "Easy Thumbnails" to reduce it to 600/600 so the attachment accepts and uploads it. Got to go..See ya..Kangaroo knocking at front door.
  4. Thatperson

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  5. stoppit

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    What up fellow tarheel. Are you piedmont, triad, mountain, coast or sandlapper?
    Only ask b/c I'd love to see a moto-bike get together in the area (haven't really seen or heard of any but hadn't really tried keeping myself apprised of such things until lately).
    - stoppit
  6. Thatperson

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    Well I just moved here a couple months ago and not really sure what I fall under. I live in Southport, so I guess that makes me coast. Where you at?
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  7. stoppit

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    Greensboro at the moment (grad school), Charlotte for the past 8 or so years prior, and born in the mountains of NC up in Wilkes county (home of moonshine and nascar).
    Welcome to NC.
    - stoppit

    p.s. and yes, you'd definitely be coast (I am quite envious of the terrain you get to deal with, btw)