Stolen So my bike got stolen last night...


Local time
8:59 PM
May 26, 2008

some scum of the earth stole my Schwinn Jaguar off my porch last night. I forgot to bring it inside before I fell asleep, as I was waking up this morning I remembered that I had left it out, so i went to the porch, low and behold the bike is gone...

Luckily it was without it's motor, as i've been having alot of trouble with the kit I bought (waiting for retailer to resolve issue w/ their kit). Yeah, it was a cheap bike, but it still sucks to get something of yours stolen.

So my question is, what are my options for a bike around $100, I think I want to join the masses and get a Kulana Moon Dog, but I don't think Walmart sells them anymore?

Got any advice?
sorry to hear about your loss

many stolen bicycles are found -- maybe a call to the pooolice dept ???

I had one stolen years ago
went to the pooolice yard where stolen bikes are stored before being auctioned off
there was my bicycle --
was still not cool -- bike was scratched -- and had been ridden by some bohole !!

ride that thing Mountainman
i have a sports authority bike... nice beach cruiser by columbia sports. its a cheapo bike, like 120 bucks.. but served me well for my first bike.
thats honostly the rule in samalia... i kno this guy frpom there who was tellin me about it...

if steal under 50 bucks.. 1st time cut off hand.. then the other if again.. then if over 50 u lose a foot.. if u do it a bunch the kill u

kinda crazy
The only reason they don't have laws like that in this country is they'd have to go straight to decapitating most of our government and business leaders on the first day.
I hate petty thieves but I hate insider trading and shady business practices even more. Cut off Martha Stewart's EVERYTHING one piece at a time for the millions she stole from other investors. Rinse and repeat with all the others.
I feel pretty ****ty about getting my bike stolen, but i don't think a bike is worth cutting off anyone's hand for, but i get your point, and thanks for sympathizing with me.

NEWS: some guy posted on craigslist that he bought an obviously stolen bike from a crackhead for $30, I sent him an email with a description of my bike, hopefully he bought it... we will have to see how things pan out.