Stolen So my bike got stolen last night...

Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by bushido, Oct 13, 2008.

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    some scum of the earth stole my Schwinn Jaguar off my porch last night. I forgot to bring it inside before I fell asleep, as I was waking up this morning I remembered that I had left it out, so i went to the porch, low and behold the bike is gone...

    Luckily it was without it's motor, as i've been having alot of trouble with the kit I bought (waiting for retailer to resolve issue w/ their kit). Yeah, it was a cheap bike, but it still sucks to get something of yours stolen.

    So my question is, what are my options for a bike around $100, I think I want to join the masses and get a Kulana Moon Dog, but I don't think Walmart sells them anymore?

    Got any advice?

  2. Mountainman

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    sorry to hear about your loss

    many stolen bicycles are found -- maybe a call to the pooolice dept ???

    I had one stolen years ago
    went to the pooolice yard where stolen bikes are stored before being auctioned off
    there was my bicycle --
    was still not cool -- bike was scratched -- and had been ridden by some bohole !!

    ride that thing Mountainman

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    i have a sports authority bike... nice beach cruiser by columbia sports. its a cheapo bike, like 120 bucks.. but served me well for my first bike.
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    I think thieves should loose their fingers first offence, hands on the 2nd, arms on the 3rd. This is why im not in government or law. :mad:
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    HERPER Member

    thats honostly the rule in samalia... i kno this guy frpom there who was tellin me about it...

    if steal under 50 bucks.. 1st time cut off hand.. then the other if again.. then if over 50 u lose a foot.. if u do it a bunch the kill u

    kinda crazy
  6. SirJakesus

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    The only reason they don't have laws like that in this country is they'd have to go straight to decapitating most of our government and business leaders on the first day.
    I hate petty thieves but I hate insider trading and shady business practices even more. Cut off Martha Stewart's EVERYTHING one piece at a time for the millions she stole from other investors. Rinse and repeat with all the others.
  7. brendonv

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    if that law was bought in in america everyone would walk around with one arm haha.
  8. bushido

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    I feel pretty ****ty about getting my bike stolen, but i don't think a bike is worth cutting off anyone's hand for, but i get your point, and thanks for sympathizing with me.

    NEWS: some guy posted on craigslist that he bought an obviously stolen bike from a crackhead for $30, I sent him an email with a description of my bike, hopefully he bought it... we will have to see how things pan out.
  9. good luck getting your bike back!
  10. DON'T STEAL! (the govn't hates competition.)
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  12. Mountainman

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    any news

    any news with that ??????????????

    hope that you are back on the road soon so that you can

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    KeeP Looking

    when my bike got stolen some where there's a post i caught them the next day while peddlin around barstards live 4 doors around corner cops involved the only thing i didnt get back rear mudguard all this in under 21 hours bike stripped motor on different frame 14 year old punks that probably stole another 1 2weeks ago but they r not riding that any more prob cops or owner got that back or traded for drugs
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    i have a question.. how come everyone seems to think that if you steal you are also a drug addict.. and that why you stole.

    as i kid i stole petty **** just for kicks. and i know of many people who steal alot, and they used to do it for the same thing. if they couldnt afford it they would steal it.

    im not justifying stealing by anymeans.. and ive since grown older and wiser from that, but it bugs me that people assume instantly they are drug addicts.
  15. Mountainman

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    most are --- just the facts

    it's not always the case -- but -- most are --- just the facts

    aprox 70% of all those in jail for stealing
    were under the influence of either drugs or booze at time of arrest

    so let's say -- according to the facts -- most but not all

    note HERPER -- when most of us grow up we stop hanging out with
    they suck mountain rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and when your stealing friends end up in jail they may just have to ---

  16. HERPER

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    haha sounds good. i just dont like when people throw out ideas adding insult to the injury. cuz alot of adults who steal ill give u credit are.. im pretty sure 14 yr old punks are not. although you never do know..

    i dont mean to be a problem lol just wondering
  17. Mountainman

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    shouldn't have brought the mountain rocks in

    you are not a problem HERPER

    I just get uptight when I hear about ANYONE stealing

    I shouldn't have mentioned the mountain rocks thing

    sorry about that --- but please do remember

    when the time is right -- slip out of sight on that MB and

    ride that thing
  18. wanger

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    as i said b4 they live 4 doors away i know they smoke dope they do it in park accross road drink what ever
    including strippin empty houses i live in an area the housing trust are redeveloping
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    I just don't know what is wrong with people these days. I also had something stolen from my motored bike last week. In keeping with the theme, I shopped up a WWII canteen and holder which I was using as a spare fuel can. I had it fastened to the front rack and it looked great. Shortly after a trip to downtown, it was gone, no way could it have come off by itself. I suppose it is just another way to "spread the wealth around." Glad your motor was not a victim. Cheers, Keith
  20. Mountainman

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    Obama Mama says to "spread the wealth around"

    that's a nice looking MB you got there itskeith

    sorry to hear that the PUNK rocks stole your canteen

    yes - "spread the wealth around" - got to love that Obama Mama !!!

    ride that thing