Some Improvment to my Bicycle

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    Like the title say this are some Improvment that I make to my bike,are made thanks to all of you and other forum, and some fix that I made to.:helmet:

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    No one whant to comment about my Improvment or or any advice on them.
  3. MikeJ

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    Photos are worth many words, but some photos still need words. Some of the photos do not mean anything to me because I do not know what you did and why. If you provide explanations, you may have some good ideas other builders may use.
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    lets see a pic of the whole bike not just spots
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    Looks like a thorough job. Interesting chain tensioner set-up. I don't think you'll ever have to worry about it flying into the spokes.

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    Ok the first foto is from one flashlight that I cut and mount in front of the bike, second is a switch for on off for the light mount in a pannier bag,third is the battery of the flashlight in a rear rack in bag,and fourth is my chain tensioner,five is a mini ninja moffler that I cut an mount wiht a office chair leg welded,six is a tensioner clutch cable and the roler wheel from my wife Sewing machine, and now you have it all and foto of the bike.Thanks

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