Staton w/GX-35

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Cavity, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Cavity

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    Had a Bike Bug friction drive as a kid @ 30 years ago and loved it.
    So, I decided to relive my childhood and build a new one with the rock solid Staton kit. Tried to make it as stealthy as possible with the engine enclosed in a metal basket to keep people guessing ;-)
    Used an inner tube to cover the metal U-bracket, added fenders, wide tires, dry box for tools, horn, cycle computer, turn signals, led brake lights for front/rear, Fenix flashlight for daytime strobe, MSR bottle for extended rides, mirror, two-leg kickstand, etc...
    So far, I've ridden just over 700 miles(average 165mpg) and tops out right at 30mph. It has all the legal requirements for Florida RS-68, just have to make appt with regional DMV to get it registered. It's been a blast to build and ride so far!
    Thanks for looking.

    20161027_163050.jpg 20161027_163242.jpg 20161027_163228.jpg
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  2. darwin

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    Nice bike. How do you use the pull start on that?
  3. Cavity

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    Thanks, I simply unhook the left side bungee from the bottom, slightly lift up the thin plastic cutting board I used as an "engine hood", and pull. Same goes for a gas fill up, except unhook all 3 cords....It's helped to keep the engine clean as well.
  4. JGH122

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    No problems over heating?
    What about the exhaust?....does it mix with intake air causing it to run rich?
  5. Cavity

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    Nope, no overheating problems, runs like a champ. Since the basket is just mesh, there's no exhaust mixing with the intake air from the front. The exhaust exits on the left side of basket, just to the right of the oval reflector.
    Also, since the engine is partially enclosed, it makes the already quiet Honda 4-stroke much less discernable. Most onlookers have no idea it's even motorized. Although, some have commented that they like my electric bike! Was thinking about painting the gas tank black as make it disappear even more.
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    What a great looking bike!